N3 has proven their ability to run large sales teams, drive a culture of results, and deliver pipeline and revenue numbers on a permanent basis.

Marketing and Operations Director, Microsoft

Global Demand Generation +
Inside Sales Execution

N3 designs and executes large-scale, outsourced sales and marketing campaigns leveraging digital marketing, Inside Sales, social listening and custom analytics. A proven leader in the technology industry, we deliver results for domestic and global campaigns with our proprietary methodologies and performance-based approach.

Founded in 2004, N3 has 10+ years of proven success in technology, software, and manufacturing demand generation. N3 employs highly skilled, customer‐focused people worldwide with the ability to deliver in more than 25 languages. Headquartered in Atlanta, N3 offers global resources with offices in Costa Rica, Dublin, Fort Lauderdale, London, Seattle, Singapore, and Fargo, ND.