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Late last year, Gartner released several very telling and somewhat fascinating reports about Cloud security. What made this research so riveting was Gartner’s decision to create new categories within Cloud security for its reports. You can’t just do that, or can you? The answer is you can if the marketplace warrants it, and clearly with the rapidly expanding number of Cloud security vendors, it does.

The Cloud security evolution

We are in the midst of redefining Cloud security at a much more granular level than ever before. Most of the new products we’re seeing target very specific vulnerabilities. In the world of supply and demand, this reality hints at the volume of Cloud users. More importantly, it gives a taste of the massive upsell and cross-sell possibilities the Cloud market offers vendors.

For example, in one report, Gartner defined User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) as a new category. UEBA concerns the use of machine learning and statistical models to look for unusual user activity. In another report, Gartner focused on Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), which really means technology that keeps Cloud apps safe and sound. These new categories suggest that cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated and traditional solutions can no longer cover all the new exposed vulnerabilities. So add-ons are needed that cater to these omissions.

So who’s making such products? Startups, for one, many of whom focus on one specific Cloud security channel. In other instances, you have industry leaders such as Microsoft and IBM who distribute products for multiple categories, boasting a comprehensive solution that works well together and covers the full Cloud security canvas.

A new attack landscape

Identity Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) is a hot topic of conversation these days because it represents the most common point of entry for cyber criminals. It also illustrates our point about the variety of vendors. According to a 2014 Ponemon Institute report on data breaches, attackers gain corporate network access more than 75% of the time through stolen user credentials. Gartner, recognizing the category’s importance, recently released a Magic Quadrant report on leading vendor solutions pertaining to this issue. Three companies were called out as leaders. Two of them, Okta and Centrify, are smaller entities who cater to identity and access security in general. The third one is Microsoft. That’s a pretty wide spectrum.

Microsoft in particular has an interesting Cloud security story to tell. Recent purchases such as Aorato for UEBA, Adallom for CASB, and Secure Islands for information protection show that Microsoft recognizes the potential here and wants to get involved in as many places as possible. By incorporating each of these companies into its overall Cloud security umbrella, it can offer an attractive package of integrated Cloud security features to its customers that contrasts other solutions that require a complex, piecemeal solution.

In the big picture, the swell of Cloud security activity suggests that Cloud providers are trying to fill a gap for companies thinking about the Cloud and those already in, looking to go deeper. In either instance, the end result is a growth of budget commitment to the Cloud.

Where N3 fits in

Here at N3, we have been following this Cloud security transformation with great interest, staying in step with the changing times by keeping our people up to date on new solutions, market trends, and categories pertaining not just to security, but also to management and productivity. Our goal is to help companies find where they fit into this constantly evolving Cloud marketplace, and promote sales within that niche. We listen to what our customers tell us to help deliver value-added services and identify opportunities in the market. As Cloud security continues to grow, we will be right there alongside it, helping our customers succeed in marketing their wares.

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