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Let’s face facts: while there are an abundance of security solutions out there, they don’t always protect a company when the unexpected comes along. Take Target, Home Depot, and eBay. They had security solutions in place; they thought they were insulated against cybercrime. As we all know now, they were not. It wasn’t because they had bad solutions, but rather because there was a fundamental vulnerability in all of their systems that went unnoticed. The proverbial smoking gun concerned a common blind spot: user credentials.

A 2014 study found more than 75 percent of all online attacks come from bad people stealing user credentials. That’s a huge and scary stat, one that creates a major obstacle for current preventative and reactionary security solutions. The problem with these solutions is they have no effective way of tracking abnormal user behavior once someone hacks into a network. If they did have that security layer, they could quickly identify and respond to breaches.

You’re probably wondering what this all has to do with sales. We’ve discussed in eBriefs and blogs the value of having technical expertise easily accessible as a means of generating Cloud revenue. This particular security issue offers one such opportunity. By illustrating thought leadership here, you can get ahead of your competitors and take advantage of a fascinating new sales channel.

Predicting and Preventing Cyber Attacks

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is a new security category. The name sounds complex but the idea really isn’t. UEBA puts analytics, Big Data, and machine learning to work for security. Basically, it identifies attacks by understanding how everyone uses the network and then evaluating their activity to discover security infractions. It’s a completely different way of looking at security that adds a new layer to the typical preventative and reactive positions.

Gartner forecasts that by 2017, at least 60 percent of major Cloud security broker vendors will incorporate UEBA functionality into their products. Similarly, within two years, the UEBA market will grow from $50 million in revenue to $200 million. Not surprisingly Microsoft has already developed a product specific to this market, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). IBM and HP also have products along with a growing number of start-ups. Clearly, companies large and small see a major revenue opportunity in which they think they can get in on the ground floor and become the next Microsoft of the security world.

Driving Revenue through Trust

A lot of your customers will have little knowledge in this area. You can become an educator here, offering solutions that help your customers stay ahead of the bad guys by quickly closing doors and building additional walls. By illustrating your understanding of what security truly means, you become more than a vendor, you become a real trusted advisor.

This UEBA market will have a large impact in Cloud security as an important layer to add to their current environment. By staying ahead of the curve, you help your customers sleep at night. At the same time, you open the door to an exciting sales channel and opportunity. The end result is you build real trust with them while gaining real value and business growth for yourself.

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