“N3’s sales team has continually aligned their messaging to our value proposition and delivered quality leads to our people. I have been impressed with how N3 has worked in partnership with Armor’s Field Sales organization.”

VP of Marketing, Armor

Customer Objective

  • Quickly build and accelerate revenue to expand Armor’s market reach
  • Increase and strengthen brand awareness
  • Develop pipeline of qualified opportunities for Armor’s Field Sales team

Partnership Execution

  • Developed diversified sales and technical messaging and positioning to address various buyer profiles
  • Generated qualified leads and set up appointments for Armor’s Field Sales representatives
  • Developed consistent lead hand-off process and drove alignment with the Armor Field Sales to ensure opportunities were efficiently and effectively transitioned
  • Refined the qualification process for long-term, consistent growth
  • Produced consistent results to improve planning and budgeting
  • Provided voice-of-the-customer insights to inform future sales and marketing strategies

Partnership Results

Exceeded Program Lead Generation Goal By 40%+
Renewed and Expanded Demand Generation Program