N3’s efforts allowed us to increase our speed to market and start structuring calls and meetings to initiate new partners within specific geographic territories.

Business Development Lead, Meridian Systems

Customer Objective

  • Identify partners and geographies to expand Meridian’s enterprise management software sales in key industries
  • Develop ongoing pipeline of closeable qualified opportunities in new industries and geographies

Partnership Execution

  • Developed comprehensive market potential analysis including competitive and customer needs assessments
  • Uncovered top potential partners in key industries and geographies
  • Created tailored channel development strategy for targeting partners
  • Developed list of targeted contacts within each potential partner
  • Conducted in-depth qualification of top prospects surveying to understand market drivers and pipeline potential
  • Recruited potential partners educating them on value of Meridian’s solutions and partnership benefits
  • Scheduled meetings with Meridian and qualified potential partners

Partnership Results

16 Net New Partner Candidates in 30 Days