N3 understands the concept of strategic selling and delivers tangible results. They really are an extension of our sales force. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with N3’s approach and professionalism.

Director of Marketing, Green Beacon Solutions

An Extension of your Sales Force

N3’s culture is 100% sales oriented and results driven. We take pride in our deep knowledge of telesales, demand generation, and the tech and cloud industry. Performance and client satisfaction are our driving principles.

Performance Based on People

At N3, our ability to deliver results for our clients is a direct result of the investment in our people and the management style used to support growing and happy employees.
Sales Experts
N3 is a strategic partner with deep knowledge of sales methodologies. Through our proven training program, we ensure our sales teams have the tools they need to have meaningful conversations with your target markets.
With offices across North America, LATAM, APAC and EMEA, N3 delivers outsourced sales and marketing campaigns with global reach. We bring a multicultural team who delivers digital and tele-based inside sales in more than 25 languages.
N3’s sales team manages complex inbound and outbound calls with agility, understanding customer buying processes and navigating to internal teams using best-in-class sales processes. Their exposure to stakeholders, products, policies, and services guarantee a consistent level of professionalism you can come to expect.
Technical Expertise
At N3, we’ve fostered a culture of technology knowledge and innovation. Our experience with technology and software partners crosses a wide range of solutions including ERP, CRM, Document Management, Business Analytics, Unified Communications, Collaboration, Cloud Migration, IT Security and more.
N3’s multiphase interview process attracts strong candidates and increases employee retention. Additionally, N3 drives incentive-based compensation programs centered on client goals and attainment.
Diverse Skillsets
Whether your campaign needs highly-technical expertise or specific language support, N3 delivers. Our flexible staffing model allows us to create a highly-skilled team that fits your needs – large or small. N3’s innovative service delivery approach leads to proven ROI and sets N3 apart as a service provider.

N3 was invaluable in our marketing campaign. They quickly and efficiently called institutions and produced numerous qualified leads. I am impressed with the time N3 took to understand our company and our product offerings as well as the feedback given during the campaign.

Higher Education Marketing Manager, Desire2Learn
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