N3 has a tremendous ability to adapt their expertise in demand generation to our existing efforts. We were up and running quickly due to the in-house proficiency they developed on our solutions, our approach, and our customers.

Alliance Partner Marketing Manager, Hyland Software

N3 Process

N3 helps techonology and software companies identify, accelerate and inform revenue strategies.

Execution with Impact

At N3, we are a true outsourced sales partner in delivering revenue impact. We provide a breadth of tele-based and digital solutions that create opportunities to optimize your revenue strategies.
Sales Strategy Formation

  • Customer segmentation
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Market profiling
  • Sales strategy development
  • Channel strategy development
  • Competitive analysis

Marketing Automation + Digital Services

  • Digital content design and development
  • Marketing Automation Platform deployment
  • Digital campaign management
  • SEM strategy development

Pipeline Process + Management

  • Sales process creation and optimization
  • Technical and Business support desks
  • Pipeline management and lead nurturing
  • Opportunity acceleration and closing

Tele + Digital Demand Generation

  • Outbound call programs
  • Opportunity generation and qualification
  • Large outsourced Cloud sales team
  • Appointment setting
  • Partner recruitment
  • List development and validation
  • Event management and staffing

Market and Customer Research + Analysis

  • Customer and market insights
  • Voice of customer analysis
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • Database research and development

N3’s efforts allowed us to increase our speed to market and start structuring calls and meetings to initiate new partners within specific geographic territories.

Business Development Lead, Meridian Systems

A Tailored Blueprint for Success

With more than 10 years’ experience working with technology and software companies, N3 understands your goals and priorities – and, most importantly, your customers. We customize our lead generation campaigns based on your specific needs to ensure success.
Campaign Architecture
N3 designs each campaign to maximize revenue performance. We always keep your end goal in mind as we customize your sales and marketing programs. Through the implementation process, we continually optimize based on insights gleaned from your target audience.
Technology Insights
With a history of building demand generation campaigns for top technology partners, N3 stays current with emerging technologies. We have a strong understanding of a wide range of technology solutions and customer needs, and leverage this expertise to design a campaign that speaks to your target audience.
Best Practices
N3 draws on a combination of sales enablement best practices and subject matter expertise to build, manage, and prioritize pipeline development strategies for our clients. With a focus on continuous process improvement, we ensure best practices are ingrained in your campaign.
Team Planning
Lead generation campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. When you work with N3, we organize a team that aligns with your campaign strategy – with the right expertise, at the right size. We constantly evaluate their performance and messaging and quickly adjust to ensure optimal revenue delivery.
Strategic Planning
You need a partner who knows your business as well as the markets you serve and how they are changing. N3 has invested in strategic partnerships with leading sales enablement thought leaders like Marketo and SiriusDecisions, ensuring we leverage the most up-to-date pipeline strategies.

Fueling Revenue

The best way to understand your customers is to talk to them – and N3 does, every day. Through more than 10 years’ experience, we have gained a wealth of information from your customers and we leverage that to ensure your revenue generating campaigns are always on target.
Thoughtful Approach
As N3 develops a custom campaign for you, we start with an informed strategy built from a knowledge of your customers and an understanding of your end goals. As we put that strategy to the test, we optimize along the way to ensure campaign success. Then, we leverage our learnings to inform future strategies.
Rapid Revisions
N3’s approach to campaign optimization is all about agility. Embedded in each lead generation campaign is a dynamic process for evaluating its effectiveness as we communicate with your customers. We then leverage those insights to adjust in real time, ensuring precise targeting.
Voice of the Customer
You need to evolve with your customers. N3 ensures your sales and marketing strategies are aligned to your customers’ needs and pain points. We analyze every campaign and share valuable insights helping you understand how to leverage them for the future.

N3’s proficiency in market research greatly augmented our existing efforts. Their ability to quickly identify trends and adapt to unforeseen changes in the market demonstrated the flexibility that is essential to a successful lead generating campaign.

Solutions Designer, PeopleCube
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