3 Ways AI Focuses Sales on the Customer

AI has become a critical component of successful sales organizations.

When properly integrated into the sales process, it warms opportunities for sellers and helps make every interaction meaningful for stronger customer relationships and significant revenue growth.

1. Makes Every Customer Interaction Meaningful

The manual work required to access key customer information can negatively impact the customer experience – and the bottom lineAI’s ability to collect, analyze and distribute actionable customer data allows sellers to quickly get what they need when it’s most relevant, providing details on purchase history and the next best offer for the customer. 

2. Builds Trust

As technology buyers are trying to make a buying decision, they are bombarded with information — from your organization, from competitors, and from market and industry resources. Often buyers find contradictory information, so knowing the sources they can rely on can be difficult 

As Gartner reports, “Buyers today have more access to information, making it easier than ever to avoid sales reps until late in the buying journey. However, this same information is also causing customer confusion and delayed, downgraded or even abandoned purchases.” 

AI anticipates customer questions and concerns, positioning sellers as the credible voice of knowledge amid the chaos.  

3. Allows Salespeople to Focus on the Customer, Not on Process

According to one Forrester report, AI increases customer satisfaction by 61%. One driver behind this is that AI allows salespeople to focus on their core responsibilities by increasing operational efficiency by 68% and sales agent satisfaction by 69%.  In addition, the connections AI makes with customer data allows salespeople to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and needs and provide offers that are more relevant and personalized. This creates opportunities for sellers to focus more on building meaningful customer relationships that can propel sales. 

How to Put AI to Work

Read N3’s eBrief to learn how you can leverage AI to achieve more precise personalization, drive customers’ buying decisions, and replicate best practices across your sales teamAI Helps Sales Teams Build Revenue-Driving Relationships.


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