3 Ways Digital Inside Sales Methodology Revitalizes Revenue

Recent research from the Wharton School of Business shows 81% of organizations are investing more in digital technologies to improve market coverage and increase client engagement. Make sure you invest wisely. Look beyond discrete tools and tactics to holistic digital inside sales methodologies that power more pipeline, convert more leads, and lock in sales resilience.

You know by now that digital inside sales is here to stay and that virtual meetings are not a sales methodology. It is time to regroup and make sure you have everything you need to enable digital inside sales teams to get results—from infrastructure to insights to instant digital marketing.

According to a recent Forrester report, more than half of people in a remote working situation want it to continue. That includes your prospects and customers. Digital is universally recognized as the best way to connect with them.

The catch is you must get it right.

1. Power More Pipeline, Short and Long Term

Successful digital inside sales strategies are grounded in “through-cycle” growth. Digital inside sales specialists integrate with existing sales teams to address a greater number of accounts at every step in the customer journey.

Coverage expands beyond generating top-of-the-funnel demand and early-stage pipeline to continuous net-new and existing customer engagement.

You might want to consider outsourcing as you build your team and expertise while modernizing infrastructure, resources, and processes.

2. Convert More Leads

It is impossible to plug every leak in the sales funnel manually. Effective digital inside sales methodology leverages AI and machine learning for complete visibility and decision support. Built-in propensity models help sellers prioritize, focusing their efforts on the best opportunities based on both revenue potential and KPIs.

As you refine your approach to digital inside sales, look for capabilities that deliver real-time insights in context, not just more data to be sifted and aligned.

3. Lock in Sales Resilience

The only constant used to be change. Now, it is disruption. To remain relevant, today’s businesses must stay agile no matter what market forces throw at them. There is no question that digital inside sales methodologies are far more agile than traditional techniques. The specific design should allow you to shift and scale with speed, consistency, and quality.

As the Harvard Business Review points out, “A poorly-orchestrated change can damage customer relationships, hurt the top line, and threaten salespeople’s sense of control and self-esteem.”

Make sure you have the best practices to drive revenue.

Enable Your Sales Team with Performance-Driven Sales Methodology

Think digital inside sales methodology—not just product or solution—to revitalize your revenue and re-ignite growth. Get more insights and strategies from the N3 guide: How Digital Inside Sales Benefits Your Bottom Line.


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