4 Benefits to Outsourcing Sales + Marketing in 2020

In the past, outsourcing was seen as a way to offload low-value activities onto less valuable resources.

Today, savvy technology leaders are recognizing outsourcing as a vital strategy for adding the new capabilities needed to compete in a constantly changing landscape with high customer expectations.

In my experience both working with outsourcing partners and working at one, I’ve learned a lot about the benefits – and payoffs of working with the right outsourced partner.

Benefit #1: Sales Specialization

According to TOPO, the average ramp time for SDRs is 3 to 6 months, while the average tenure is only 14 months. The continuous cycle of identifying, onboarding and training skilled sales resources that understand your product can be costly.

Adept and experienced outsourced sales firms have a deep bench of experienced salespeople who are experts in technology and can be onboarded quickly to the specifics of your solution. Effective outsourced sales teams are organized into specific seller characteristics that align with steps in the buyer’s journey to accelerate revenue. At N3, we’ve ramped revenue-producing teams in 4 to 6 weeks, cutting the road to revenue in half.

Benefit #2: Faster Entry into New Markets

Consider what you’d need if you were charged with expanding into a new market. Maintaining your current operations while navigating geo-specific dynamics of your new market can take more time than you have, and only has a 25% chance of success, according to the Harvard Business Review.

The right global outsourcing firm already has an in-country footprint and can go to market at scale in a matter of weeks, not months, for rapid growth. A good partner will help you streamline your expansion process, identifying and mitigating issues from cultural norms and regulatory requirements to local hiring and staffing policies for you.

Benefit #3: Access to Cutting-Edge Sales Tech + Practices

TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark report states that 39% of companies cite the use of technology as one of the most important factors in their sales success. But with more than 500 distinct sales tech solutions, staying on the forefront of sales technology and best practices can be costly and time consuming.

Regardless of what technology you currently use to engage with customers and prospects, you likely have gaps you need to fill – but budget or resource constraints are keeping you from filling them.

The right outsourcing partner will have access to and experience using a wide variety of technologies. At N3, we make a point to be on the forefront of cutting-edge solutions, testing them in our sales process. This gives you access to the best of what tech can offer without the price tag and integration headaches. It also allows you to have a testing ground for new technologies before making significant investments.

Benefit #4: Enables More Focus on Strategic Initiatives

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, we’re all expected to deliver more with less. Increased revenue goals don’t always come with increased internal headcount. I often hear from sales and marketing leaders I work with that they don’t feel they have the time to adequately focus on their strategic goals.

By bringing in an Inside Sales partner, you can create the space needed to operate at a greater capacity and plan for future growth, while your partner focuses on accelerating sales to support your revenue goals.

If you partner with a strategic sales consulting company, like N3, you’ll also benefit from their experience leveraging different strategies to achieve revenue goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about N3’s approach, take a look at our Sales Excellence solution brief.


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Andrew Fritts

As Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales at N3, Andrew supports large-scale accounts with Full Cycle Sales strategies for net-new customer acquisition and lifetime Customer Success. His previous experience includes more than 15 years in global sales leadership positions with responsibility for key accounts. Connect on LinkedIn