5 Qualities that Drive Success in Modern Inside Sales

Cloud technology is changing the sales game. When Cloud sales can happen anywhere, anytime, the entry and exit barriers erode. It’s no longer just about acquiring the customer; it’s just as critical to retain and increase the revenue value of the customer.

This new sales paradigm is forcing a shift in how Cloud companies sell. Inside Sales is quickly becoming a key player, and sometimes the only player, in driving the sale. The capabilities and expertise of the Inside Sales team needs to adapt to keep customer satisfaction high in order to drive success. Here are five winning qualities of a great Inside Sales person:

Engaged Listener

An important part of the N3 process is informing revenue. We do this by surfacing customer insights that fuel real-time and long-term sales optimization. Great Inside Sales people understand the customer. They actively listen at every engagement, striving to understand the customer’s experience and needs, hearing their concerns and feedback. With this information, they are able to identify new, more efficient ways to serve customers, as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities that can drive revenue growth.

Technological Socialite

In today’s world, many lead generation and sales processes are handled by or supported with technology. Tools like LinkedIn, Marketo, Olark, and Salesforce initiate consumer interest and get sales going. These platforms are used to help buyers through the process and solve problems. Technology also provides valuable tools for prospect research, helping sales reps better understand their prospects and buyers’ needs. N3 stays current with these emerging technologies, and we use our expertise to design the best campaigns. We’ve found that people who are fluent in these technologies are the most successful networkers and closers. They’re able to leverage their skills with the technology to drive revenue faster.

Real-Time Problem Solver

With low barriers to exit and entry in the Cloud, the Inside Sales team needs to act quickly and confidently. When issues or questions arise, they need to be able to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to keep up with the evolving marketplace. Having scripted answers is not enough when the services and technology is quickly changing. Sales Reps need to understand their buyers’ journey and be able to probe and pivot as they learn more about their prospects.

End-to-End Action-Taker

In sales, being able to solve problems must be complimented by the ability to put the solutions into action. Great Inside Sales reps takes the initiative to act beyond their job description. They thoughtfully listen to and digest customer feedback, pinpoint problem areas, and drive solutions from mere thought to impactful results. They are motivated to deliver the best results to customers, and thus act only after careful consideration, optimizing for long-term and high-output results.

Champion’s Mindset

Constant value validation is required for the “as-a-service” aspect of the Cloud, and can only be achieved when everyone on the team is invested in the success of the product and the company. Success is best achieved with a champion’s mindset. When challenges come, the best Inside Sales people will pour their energy into overcoming them. When things are going smoothly, they will go the extra mile to make customers happy, knowing that these extra steps are what keeps them ahead of the game. This mindset is important for maintaining the collegiate environment of the Inside Sales team, which keeps the team positive while they work hard together and aim for success.

At N3, our success is defined by our ability to drive pipeline and revenue for our customers—and our Inside Sales teams must deliver on our promise. In addition to ensuring that all our reps have 4-year degrees and sales experience, we evaluate every candidate for the qualities above. It’s a critical factor in our success, and what sets us apart from our competition.


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Tim Killenberg

As global leader of N3’s Commercial Delivery organization, Tim focuses on driving revenue results and sales excellence for leading technology, software, and manufacturing companies. Tim has over 20 years of sales, marketing and strategy experience with high-growth companies. Connect on LinkedIn

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