A New POV on Outsourcing—It’s all about the Top

In the technology and software industry, outsourcing is usually thought of as a way to cut costs—it’s all about the bottom line. But if you’re in technology sales, especially in a high-growth area, it’s time to consider a new point of view—outsourcing for topline revenue growth.

High Growth + Changing Market Dynamics = Sales Skills Gaps

As the pace of technology advancements continues to speed up, the gap in skills to sell solutions widens. It’s harder than ever to keep a sales team apprised of the latest and greatest enhancements, not only in your solution, but also the overall tech landscape, who the buyers are, and what they want.

With the rapid transition to Cloud technologies, the velocity of the sales process is more acute than ever, with mounting pressure to not only close the initial sale, but also to drive ongoing adoption, consumption, and retention among existing customers.

Bridging the Gap with Outsourcing Expertise

As software and technology leaders shift the paradigm from outsourcing for lower cost to outsourcing for higher revenue, there is greater emphasis on consistent, scalable revenue results from outsourced sales partners. Strategically, outsourced sales partners should be yet another pillar in your 2016 sales and revenue plan—just like Key Account sales or Channel Sales. Leading outsourced sales organizations such as N3, with a proven track-record of scalable, global software and technology sales success, can deliver important growth revenue, especially in support of emerging technologies like Cloud or under-developed markets, like SMB.

When evaluating outsourced sales partners, look for expertise, not just experience, and scalable results, not just “pilot” performance. Market leaders are doubling-down on the value outsourced sales partners can deliver to ensure revenue results in a rapidly changing marketplace with different sales dynamics. It’s no longer just about filling coverage caps or supporting mature products.

Success Starts with a True Partnership with Your Outsourcing Provider

Too often outsourcing relationships fail because they are siloed from the insourced sales structure. Leads can go cold in the hand off, or even be ignored, if teams and processes are not aligned. A recent report by SiriusDecisions on outsourcing explains, “…for long-term success, marketing and sales leaders should foster a more holistic relationship that embeds the vendor as a true partner operating as an extension of the organization’s team.”

As experts in outsourced software and technology sales, it’s an approach we live by at N3—and it’s proven to be successful over the last 10 years of our partnerships with industry leaders including Microsoft, SAP, HP, Dell, and others.

The bottom line—It’s time to consider how outsourcing to an expert can grow your topline.

The Cloud was the first great disrupter in tech sales. It changed the way solutions were delivered, but more importantly, it changed the way they were sold. Many technology companies are still trying to catch up to this new way of thinking.

Success in technology sales relies heavily on expertise, not just about the product and its features, but also about the problems it solves for the users.

Learn more about N3’s proven success at driving revenue.


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