AI Doesn’t Replace Sellers – It Empowers Them

As Peter Schwartz, SVP of Strategic Planning at Salesforce, said, “I’d be more worried about being replaced by another salesperson who is empowered by intelligence than by a machine.” 

While it’s true that AI will weed out the worst sellers performing the lowest-value tasks, it will also propel the best sellers to greater heights. Here’s how.

Better Situational Awareness

Sales success today starts with the deepest possible understanding of each buyer’s business situation. What are their key strategic initiativesWhat are the obstacles to achieving them – internally and externally? How close is their organization to committing to real change?

AI consolidates massive amounts of data and applies predictive analytics to serve up the “back story” sellers need to prioritize based on propensity and offer specific solutions to multi-dimensional problems. 

Guided Buyer Decision-Making

The more confidence the buyer has that your seller understands their needs, the more likely the deal will close. According to Gartner, making decisions easier for buyers through guided decision-making increases conversion by more than one and a half times. 

AI employs prescriptive decision support and natural language processing to surface the right customer data to the seller in real-time. The seller goes into every conversation knowing where each buyer has been, anticipating ongoing concerns, and prepared to propose the best next step.    

Flexibility to “Ditch the Script”

When salespeople drive customer conversations with a script, they create a one-way, sales-focused communication. When conversations are driven by customer insights and data, provided by AI, the experience for both the buyer and seller is exponentially better. Buyers needs can evolve in many directions during any one conversationAI helps sellers shift seamlessly, with automatic what if?” scenarios and integrated market insights – and ensure the focus is on the customer’s needs. 

Ready to Ditch the Script?

To better understand how AI frees sellers to add more revenue-driving value, view N3’s infographic: Ditch the Script — How AI Boosts Sales.


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