N3 Shares Global Sales Expertise with Inc.com

As the leader in outsourced technology sales, N3 has a unique view on the transformation that’s occurred in this space due to the shift to the Cloud. That shift has not only changed who buys technology and how it’s bought, but also opened up opportunities in markets around the globe.

Recently, Inc.com’s Lisa Calhoun asked us to share our expertise on tackling global markets in “How Microsoft, Rackspace and HP Enterprise Gear for Global Sales: The world’s largest cloud software sales company shares secrets to going global.“

The article provides some high-level strategies we’ve perfected as we’ve worked with some of the leading technology providers to drive Cloud solution revenue. I thought it would be helpful to share some additional insights as you look to enter or expand global sales.

Take a Performance-Based Approach

The most important thing we do is partner with our clients. Each of the companies mentioned in Inc.com. believed in us—in our ability to take Cloud sales global—and our commitment to ensure performance. We are proud to have earned these customers and even more proud to continue to earn their business. That’s how it works: A company takes a chance on us, then we work hard to continually prove the value of our services, of our sales people, and our proven sales methodologies.

Work Well with Others

“Going global” used to mean having a field office staffed with a sales team in all your important target market locales. Today, N3, leads the way in reaching hundreds of locales from just a few offices. But we don’t hire just anybody to call potential customers. First, we ensure our sales people are educated and experienced. Then, we provide them with the training they need to both understand and successfully sell the solution.

If we’re calling customers in Japan, we hire native Japanese speakers and train everyone involved with those accounts on Japanese business customs and norms. This way, we reach customers on the other side of the globe with the same expertise and empathy as we do to clients right here in Atlanta.

We respect how, when, and where customers want to discuss business. The variables for each can change slightly or dramatically and it’s up to us know what to adjust and by how much.

Work on Continuous Improvement

I’m not being humble when I say that we’ve figured out a lot of the nuances of working with an international clientele. We’re really good at it. What keeps me humble is knowing that there is so much more to learn. We learn every day from the people and business we encounter.

What motivates us is knowing that nobody has “figured out the Cloud.” The Cloud is a constantly evolving way of doing business. We look forward to learning and growing with our current and future clients. Together, I feel, we can take advantage of the continuously growing Cloud Market from Atlanta to Tokyo and all points in between and beyond.

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