Cloud Sales to SMBs: Uncover the Hidden Gold

Happy 2016 to you!

If you are looking for ways to drive net new sales in the New Year, I challenge you to consider a surprising new source for GOLD—small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Why SMBs are the Right Target

The advent of Cloud technology has unlocked significant business opportunities within SMBs. Advanced technology purchases no longer require lengthy IT involvement and complicated integration, they are both more affordable and more accessible. Most Cloud technologies can be purchased and installed with the click of a mouse—without any dependence on IT—allowing any person in a business to buy. This has given SMBs unprecedented access to Enterprise-caliber software.

This operational flexibility and access to full-featured technology allows SMBs to adopt advanced business practices earlier and faster than ever before. And these advancements have helped fuel a surge in the growth of new businesses—which in turn provide more opportunities to sell Cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Works Well for SMBs

A major advantage of Cloud computing is financial—solutions require little to no upfront expense and offer more flexible financial payment options. Pay-as-you-go is now the norm. This allows SMBs, who operate financially very fluidly, to pay for what they need when they need it, providing the flexibility to adjust cash flow quickly.

SMB Cloud Market is Booming

IDC forecasts that worldwide public IT Cloud services spending will reach nearly $108 billion by 2017. Compass Intelligence says that in the US, the SMB Cloud computing and services market will grow from $43B in 2015 to $55B in 2016—a compound annual growth rate of 40% from 2011 to 2016. Small businesses are moving to the Cloud at an even faster rate with predictions that 78% of US small businesses will fully adopt Cloud computing by 2020—more than doubling the current 37%.

Similarly, according to Cloud provider Odin, the European SMB Cloud service market will grow from €18.9B in 2015 to €30.1B in 2018, attaining a 17% compound annual growth rate.

As you kick off a New Year, uncover the immediate and long-term revenue potential within the growing SMB segment. SMBs deserve your attention but remember the work only begins when they click BUY NOW.


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