Crisis Catalyzes Digital Transformation

As businesses shift from suddenly working remote to cautiously embracing a new normal, one thing is clear. The digital transformation and virtual selling modes that COVID-19 accelerated will remain as essential tools far into the future.

For most businesses, wherever they were on the road to digital transformation prior to COVID-19, unexpected events triggered a fast forward. Companies that were in the intent phase moved into action and investment. Companies that were considering change began piloting it. Companies that were already transforming expanded their efforts. The lesson was learned: digital transformation is critical to protect revenue from debilitating external threats – of any kind.

Increased Urgency to Fill Face-to-Face Gaps

Across technology providers, as the risks were laid bare, field marketing spend was reallocated quickly to update Marketing and Sales technology stacks and support high-quality digital content, virtual collaborative demos, and hybrid events.

Seemingly overnight, traditional marketing managers became digital marketers, and field sellers became virtual advisors. Every role in the revenue organization found a new way to offer value digitally, covering all motions, including full-cycle sales.

Overall, buyers’ reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. They especially like the ease and speed of virtual collaboration with subject matter experts and real-time demos they can co-configure from afar.

The reward for success? Push harder. No matter where you are now on the road to digital transformation, it’s time to really lean into your digital operating model.

Virtual Sales Strategy: Training + Mastery

There persists a real demand across industries, segments, and geographies for training in virtual sales as an art to be mastered. Some businesses are trying to build capabilities internally. Others are looking to their channels for help. Still others are finding outsourcing to experienced experts most expedient.

The common denominator is that the role of the seller has changed forever from owning the room to owning the experience. Is your organization ready?

Interview with the Alexander Group

Get more lessons learned, insights for adapting to the new normal, and ways to safeguard your revenue engine long term: Alexander Group—On Designing the Digital Operating Model.


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