Engage the Power of Digital Transformation for Sales Acceleration

Digital transformation is a driving force in all enterprises today. According to Gartner, nearly 42% of all CEOs have begun digital transformation projects due to the desire for growth. However, when many people hear “digital transformation,” they think IT rather than enterprise-wide changes across technology, culture, and business practices. In fact, when it comes to making game-changing digital transformations—too many companies fail to consider related revenue initiatives and how they impact the bottom line. Nothing can change your bottom line faster than dramatically transforming your global sales approach.

There are a few key areas that can be addressed to begin the process of sales acceleration. None of these areas accelerate sales in a silo—they need to all be aligned, pre-designed, and flexible enough to quickly adapt to ongoing changes in business and customers. By following this advice, the approach can not only energize your sales returns, but begin a path that enhances your customers’ journeys.

The Digital Divide

Most potential customers engage with a business digitally multiple times before they ever speak with a sales representative. Every interaction online can be a treasure trove about potential customers and their buying intent. However, accurately accessing and interpreting these clues require the adoption and application of complex technologies such as in-depth analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. These technologies are the next wave in predicting what the buyer needs to complete a personalized journey. In fact, enterprises focused on building better customer experiences are now:

  • Integrating customer data across multiple systems for a better understanding of buyers and companies
  • Collecting and interpreting customer signals and insights
  • Adopting technologies for powerful and predictive customer profiling

How many times have you struggled to figure out the current status of a prospect? Are sales and customer information in your CRM outdated, or misaligned with your other automation systems? We may have more technology available to us than ever before, but its value is highly dependent on whether it is real-time, accurately portrays current status, and is trustworthy. If your team doesn’t have the time, expertise, or resources to invest in these technologies, there are other ways to get the same results without starting from ground zero.

For instance, you can work with a targeted net new customer engine that handles the A/B testing, funnel optimization, and integrated marketing to maximize new segment output. Or you can fully outsource to a global sales partner who already has the proprietary framework and performance-based sales model to drive a demand + revenue generation approach. This model incorporates the skillset, the integrated end-to-end sales capabilities, the global network of agents, and the technology to quickly ramp your sale objectives.

If you haven’t explored new advances such as these, you are already losing ground to more agile companies that have embraced such transformative methods.

The Holy Grail: The Unity of Sales and Marketing

There are many challenges to accelerating sales results, but surprisingly—digital transformation of the relationship between sales and marketing may be one of them. Harvard Business Review surveyed 376 senior executives and discovered the top barrier to digital transformation was the inability to work across silos in their own organizations. According to Forrester, the disconnect often comes in when not fully connecting the people, metrics, and analysis used by sales and marketing to lead to true revenue generation. Often salespeople are driven by their own experience in navigating complex customer negotiations, or market trends they’ve had to address (e.g. moving from on-premise licensing to cloud) rather than the sound analysis of customer data. In some cases, they simply distrust analytics. This commonly results in the likelihood that analysis won’t inspire changed behavior—instead it’s often at the mercy of how confident the teams are in one another. Uniting marketing and sales through solid data analysis based on one goal—revenue generation—can radically engage teams and transform your sales program.

Meet the Modern Demand Center

To reach the goal of accelerating revenue generation, agile enterprises have discovered the value in what’s being referred to as a Modern Demand Center. This structure transparently shares the key information needed for pinpoint decision-making on customer actions and reactions, while it foretells potential results from those actions. Any enterprise looking to take advantage of driving new opportunity acquisition to closed and won in today’s environment, must evaluate this structure to energize sales.

Apart from the opportunity acquisition aspects of the system, a Modern Demand Center enables a fast ramp in coaching and training sales agents, injects deep knowledge of campaigns and content strategies into the sales process, and empowers both sales and marketing teams to quickly progress opportunities from top to bottom of the funnel.

A highly valuable aspect of the Modern Demand Center is its flexibility and adaptability made possible through smart integration of 360-degree customer profiling, omni-channel targeting, structured sales teams by sales stages, and a global focus that encompasses both customer and partner channels. From strategy, to demand generation, to sales execution, the Modern Demand Center covers it all.

And Modern Demand Centers aren’t limited to North America—companies are increasingly taking this approach around the globe. With tight management of appropriate KPIs and resources—your company can take advantage of Follow-the-Sun GTMs with tele, email, social, and chat.

The Bottom Line

What’s often surprising is that the leading enterprises most engaged in the technology of digital transformation are taking advantage of outsourced help to accelerate their own sales processes—often with staggering results. In fact, using outsourced help to create a modern demand center has delivered impressive results for industry giants, such as Microsoft’s year-over-year overachievement of program goals, Google’s significant increases in win rates, and Qlik’s impressive jumps in conversions from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads.

Download N3’s sales acceleration solution brief to learn more about our proprietary tools, processes, and approach—and how they can accelerate sales for you.


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