Global Expansion Doesn’t Have to Be a Gamble

dice representing gambling on global expansion

The events of this year have changed nearly everything about the way people work—how we go to market, how we sell, how we define success.

What hasn’t changed is the need to meet revenue goals. Expanding to new markets is an effective way to help you get there. While global expansion in uncertain times seems risky, it doesn’t have to be.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

The Harvard Business Review has summarized common reasons that global expansion efforts fail:

  • Poor resource, process, and system integration across geographies
  • Extensive organizational, operational, and cultural friction
  • Significant differences in customer expectations, preferences, and behavior by location

To expand successfully, you need the right strategy, execution, and talent. You need to understand the needs of line-of-business buyers in different geographies. You need to overcome the challenges of virtual selling. You need the right resource coverage to focus on existing markets while expanding to new ones. A challenge you may be facing is the inability to add headcount to support these needs. Consider outsourcing for global virtual sales expertise. With the right partner, you quickly expand to new markets and drive new revenue, while minimizing the costs to do so.

Embrace Digital Transformation

According to a recent McKinsey global survey of B2B decisionmakers, digital interactions are preferred about two times more than traditional sales interactions. Due to COVID-19, virtual selling now accounts for 96% of B2B companies’ GTMs – and that is not expected to change post COVID.

It’s clear transformation is critical to penetrating new markets and accelerating opportunity generation across borders. However, many companies aren’t prepared to support this change. Outsourcing offers an opportunity to retool your sales force while continuing to drive revenue, and a good partner, like N3, can help your sales team learn the skills they need to be successful digital sellers.

Partner with People Who Know the Territory

You need more than a global pipeline. You need one that performs. At N3, we get results for our clients based on three pillars of sales support:

  • Clear visibility into the nuances of local markets
  • Integrated sales team organization with multiple levels of expertise
  • Flexible technology-driven sales processes based on a deep understanding of differing buyer journeys

Our pillars are powered by a proprietary modern opportunity generation model:

  • Integrated technology leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to provide an accurate, real-time, 360-view of the customer
  • Automation engages and qualifies large-scale audiences across buyer personas and profiles
  • AI and machine learning support trained, technically proficient sales experts with the right messaging at the right time in the customer journey

Take the Next Step to a Sound Global Expansion Strategy

Keep exploring how to scale and grow effectively. Read N3’s solution brief for more insights: 3 Ways Global Expansion Can Fail Without the Right Sales Support.


About the Author

Marcel Florez

As N3 President, Marcel applies his deep experience in technology sales, marketing, and consulting, and extensive knowledge of the Cloud, to support demand and revenue generation for N3’s technology, software, and manufacturing customers. Connect on LinkedIn