Growing Globally – Building Sales Continuity with Maximum Regional Flexibility

You might be like many sales executives, realizing that the globalization of your sales plans is neither easy nor predictable. You may have large teams spread across various regions with specific sales targets, but little unification among their goals. You may be challenged with ongoing product changes and competing priorities. There may be relevant industry or country-specific regulations to consider, particularly in the post-GDPR world. And you may have a wide partner network that operates independently by partner status, department, region, or country that is dropping opportunities or not performing on opportunities shared with them.

Faced with such challenges, how can you stimulate revenue from these regions in a repeatable, and reliable way? How can you ensure long, ongoing, and productive client relationships that deliver predictable wins? How can you reach “partner loyalty and satisfaction” goals that result in visibility from lead through to close? It’s a difficult situation that can benefit from new technologies, new sales models, and new processes that can easily span regions and geographies.

Intelligent Insights

Most sales teams are narrowly focused on closing deals to meet revenue goals. While such focus is needed, it often means they cannot engage in customer behavior analysis to spot prime opportunities or do critical enrichment of customer data for more robust sales interactions. When expanding to or working across multiple markets and regions, understanding and insight become key factors for successful sales execution. A technology-enabled Global Demand Center can maximize impact and drive better opportunity identification, lead enrichment, and team-managed lead progression across geographies. In addition, a sales optimization platform that includes investigative and analytical technologies quickly determines opportunity value and funnel placement.

The International Enterprise Sales Experience

Often, the challenges of growing global markets are scale and cost. According to McKinsey, the new era of digital globalization offers unprecedented opportunities for companies to achieve both global scale and efficiency. It also requires reevaluating strategies and business models to address emerging mid-market and SMB audiences with highly technical and complicated conversations and in-region scenarios and languages. When there’s a lack of expertise in these areas, they become barriers and often stall and ultimately stop sales objectives. However, there are ways to quickly ramp up sales teams and partners for better performance. You can engage with industry experts to help you speed the adoption of technologies needed for successful Cloud solution sale. Or you can outsource your globalization needs to sales experts such as N3 who have driven billions in technology and Cloud revenue each year, and who speak the languages, know how to accelerate sales cycles, and already host more than 1.5M Cloud conversations with business and IT prospects each year.

Leveraging Partners

Effective partnerships are critical to growing globally, especially for mid-market and SMB targets—but sales executives typically struggle with consistent partner performance across multiple regions. A key method to initiating strong partner performance is being able to identify, nurture, and then hand off warm opportunities—ready for a purchasing discussion—to your global partners. Often, companies lack the manpower to not only find and qualify opportunities to a “warm” stage but also to track and support opportunities from initial contact through to revenue close. Outsourcing a program to experts who have proven track records with both enabling partners and partner pipeline building can help you get started. N3 works with your partners to quickly enable them on the program, as well as nurture them through receiving warm leads and the many issues to drive revenue, repeatable success, and loyalty.

Evolved Digital Sales: Global but Local

By engaging an agile, global network of experienced and tiered sales agents, creating customer knowledge through smart conversations and centralized insights in a Global Demand Center, and applying proven methodologies to accelerate and optimize opportunities, you can ignite your international sales programs in a scalable and repeatable way.

One solution to global sales requirements is engaging help from N3. N3’s proven platform and network manages sales experts in more than 25 languages across 80+ countries through both regional and in-country delivery centers. By applying combined strategy, design, and execution, N3 can roll out a comprehensive, full-cycle sales motion across nearly any geography, at accelerated speeds. This “global but local” approach maintains the program goals, sales hygiene, and proven coordination, without losing focus on the tailored regional nuances important for progressing wins.

If you feel challenged with the hurdles of global expansion, you are not alone. Many sales executives struggle with how to get the agility and flexibility they need to expand global markets without long cycles of investing in new technologies and building new sales teams. Luckily, outsourcing to N3 can help you quickly expand your reach across the globe with predictable, and proven results. Learn how N3 has helped companies like your grow their global revenue – download our Global Expansion brief.


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