How Is Your Customer Success Engine Evolving?

Gainsight predicted Customer Success would come into its own as a mandatory growth engine this year. Customer Success motions are designed to help your customers succeed in using your solutions more effectively so that they will pay off in greater lifetime value across your customer base.  These motions are also evolving to include more specific cross- and upsell motions to capture new revenue from those customers.  How much ground has your practice gained in these key areas?

  1. Digital Enablement

The foundation of an effective Customer Success practice is a technology-enabled platform powered by AI and machine learning. It’s the only way to scale the personalized sales and marketing motions necessary to drive adoption, retention, and rapid expansion in a customer-centric world. 

  1. Organization-Wide Alignment + Accountability

As the practice of Customer Success has matured, it’s become clear that it cannot exist in a vacuum. It must permeate the entire business and be aligned to cross-functional KPI and ROI goals.

According to the Customer Success Association, “The connection between Customer Success and increasing sustainable proven value for both customers and company is not something that can safely be assumed or taken for granted.”

  1. Business Transformation As “Business As Usual”

A recent Forbes article put it perfectly: “Digital transformation doesn’t have an end date.” It’s a continual evolution of business models to keep pace with customer demands and industry disruptions.

For a deeper dive into the current state of your Customer Success practice — and customized recommendations for advancing it — take the N3 assessment.


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