Is Your Customer Success Strategy Still Relevant Enough to Drive Revenue?

“The evolving customer relationship remains at the heart of revenue generation.” — Sean Ryan, Principal, Partner, and Tech Practice Lead, The Alexander Group

Tough times can be great opportunities to take your customer relationships to the next level. If you take a hard look at what’s happening on the ground, listen to your customer’s pain points, and compare those insights against your internal operations, you can assess the relevance and viability of your customer success strategy.

A Strong Customer Success Strategy Requires You to Ask the Hard Questions Before Your Customers Do

Business resilience depends on adaptability. And, understanding the adaptability of your business depends on an honest assessment of your current state.

To conduct this kind of assessment, you’ll want to gather inputs from both internal stakeholders (sales, marketing, and customer success) and external stakeholders (your customers). Start by asking internal stakeholders these five questions:

  1. Do you have the capabilities to sense and respond to changing customer needs?
  2. What are the opportunities to streamline processes and create efficiencies for customers?
  3. Are you more focused on retention or expansion?
  4. Do you know the red flags for churn?
  5. Where can you win today that’s different from yesterday?

After you gather answers to these questions, check with external stakeholders to ensure alignment, and then identify areas where your challenges and your customers’ challenges dovetail.

Remember: Progressive Improvement is Better than Postponed Perfection

Along the way, you’ll undoubtedly uncover holes in your strategy… and that’s okay! The measure of your business resilience and adaptability is dictated by the holes that exist and the action steps needed to plug them.

What’s Working, What’s Not – and New Definitions of Success

An updated Customer Success strategy based on today’s reality will help you re-tool and transform what’s needed to drive revenue. Read N3’s eBrief to learn more: Resilience + Adaptability – Building Customer Success Into Your Strategy During Uncertain Times.


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Adam Dudley

As Senior Vice President of N3’s Cloud Practice, Adam is focused on driving adoption and revenue acceleration of Cloud solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales with a focus on Cloud technologies, particularly how to increase revenue in a recurring sales model and driving drive consistent customer experiences. Connect on LinkedIn