Lead Aggregation: Adding Data to Speed Up Your Leads

Sales teams have traditionally asked Marketing to deliver more leads to them. As advances in technology have made it easier to do just that, Sales teams are now asking for ways to focus in on the best leads and speed up the sales process. Lead Aggregation technologies are providing an answer, bringing technology sellers closer to their prospects and turning leads into sales faster.

Lead Aggregation is an important step in a virtuous sales cycle. It’s part process and part technology. The process of gathering leads with similar attributes and supplementing them with information from a variety of sources is nothing new.

Here’s an example: a prospect fills out a form on your website to download an interesting piece of content. The prospect’s contact information becomes a lead and gets passed to an Inside Sales person for follow up. The Inside Sales person looks in their CRM and sees that the company has sold into another branch of the prospect’s organization. That data enhances the lead, giving the Inside Sales person a better idea about how to follow up with the prospect.

Now, new technologies and services have emerged that multiply the benefits of manual Lead Aggregation, making your leads more relevant and dramatically increasing the speed at which you compile information.

Here are a few proven leaders in Lead Aggregation:

  • Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex is a cloud-based data services platform that automates data management, cleansing, and enhancement.
  • TechTarget establishes real purchase intent using the content consumption behaviors of 16M registered technology pros across 140+ highly specific enterprise technology websites. This critical information, accessed via the IT Deal Alert™ suite of offerings, is used directly in existing sales and marketing workflows.
  • ON24, known for their market-leading webinar platform, can be integrated into most CRM or Marketing Automation systems, to create a powerful lead aggregation tool. With each webinar you host, ON24 Intelligence creates an engagement score that measures attendees’ participation and interest in the event. This provides a key factor which can be used to determine the quality of a lead.
  • Social 123 provides B2B data for more than 225 million professionals by combing social, corporate, and personal information in a rich, searchable database.

So how do you put Lead Aggregation to work to help drive technology solution sales? The answer is relatively simple:

1) Establish your criteria
Have a clear vision of who you want to target. Start with one of your buyer personas, or a profile of your most valuable customers. Use their characteristics as a baseline to establish the qualities you’re looking for in your prospects.

2) Implement with your end game in mind
Lead Aggregation technologies can be customized and filtered to meet your criteria. But with so many options, it’s easy to quickly stray from your initial vision and miss the mark. As you set up the technology, stay focused on the buyer persona you’re targeting and leverage the system-based rules to maintain the integrity of your audience profiles. Once you have initial learnings, you can adjust the configuration to optimize your output as you progress.

3) Plan your follow-up
Know in advance what you’re going to do with these turbo-charged leads before they come in. Increase your likelihood of conversion by preparing your sales and marketing resources to handle leads that are further along in the funnel.
As Inside Sales takes a more prominent role in selling technology solutions, N3 believes it’s vital to arm your team with the right tools to help them drive revenue. Through our experience selling leading technology solutions, we’ve developed lessons learned and best practices for integrating technology to identify opportunities, accelerate sales, and drive significant technology solution revenue.


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