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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella aptly summed up the theme of his keynote address at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 in two words: digital transformation. So what exactly did he mean? A digital transformation for whom and how?

Building the Perfect Digital Beast

The transformation he speaks of concerns customers and their adoption of digital technology. As more and more companies incorporate digital services into the core being of their business, the impact is resonating across every facet of what they do. When sitting down with customers, sales is adopting technology to create engaging experiences. Internally, companies are passing on to their employees new ways to innovate and get more done. IT is adopting digital to streamline operations and optimizing the value of services. And then there are the products themselves, the bread and butter of a company’s business. Digital services are significantly cutting down time to market and delivering more value. In the end, companies are literally morphing into digital beings.

Okay, that makes for a great and interesting story, one which will be fascinating to watch play out. But how does this help partners? To Nadella, this brave new world means opportunity—earth-shattering opportunity for partners to help businesses of all sizes turn from on-premises caterpillars into beautiful butterflies in the Cloud. During his speech, he cited numerous examples of partners using the power of Azure in their quest to deliver digital transformation. What partner wouldn’t get excited about that?

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Years Ahead

A driving force in this business evolution will be artificial intelligence. This is a topic that has interested Nadella for years. In fact, back in 2009, he turned the subject matter into his first tweet: “machine learning.” Apparently that summarized his entire vision of the future because he waited nearly five years to tweet again.

The shape of this arriving business intelligence today will offer the ability to “learn, expand and evolve with agility as the world and business changes.” The example he shared concerned Dynamics 365 and its ability to use built-in insights and intelligence within business applications that people work with every day. That requires breaking down the walls of information, the silos of data so people can derive more value out of their data, as well as discover new information to unlock the doors to their success. Nadella feels personally close to this Dynamics story, having worked with its predecessor, Great Plains, nearly fifteen years ago. Digital transformation within the context of Dynamics 365 makes total sense for Nadella considering where he came from and where he is leading Microsoft with the Cloud into the future.

The N3 Vision

The digital transformation allows software and technology companies to adapt more quickly, therefore impacting the business of their customers. Since our inception, N3 has helped our clients transform their sales and marketing strategies to align to the new digital sales reality. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a leader in the changing dynamic of Inside Sales, one that focuses on convincing businesses of value-add services and the solving of problems. At N3, our vision of modern Inside Sales combined with our next-generation pipeline sales model supplements not just Nadella’s vision but also the technology industry as a whole. We look forward to seeing what else emerges from this conference and how it ties into what we are already doing today.


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