Making Sense and Cents with Sales Outsourcing

People say there are two sides to every coin.  Personally, I find that statement misleading because it ignores the layers behind a conversation. Take the question of outsourcing sales for example. On the surface, the outsourcing conundrum revolves around the question of money. Will it save me money or end up costing me more than it’s worth?

Bigger than Your Wallet

Yes, outsourcing can be a money-saver. But there’s more to consider than dollars and cents. Periods of high growth or when launching a new product or entering new markets or verticals can spread your sales resources thin.

More importantly, your pipeline can stall if your sales team isn’t equipped to effectively sell within these new models.

Outsourcing can be an extremely effective way to drive demand, and ultimately revenue, if you partner with a provider with expertise in your solution area or within the regions or vertical in which you’re looking to expand. At N3, we’d also say experts in consistent management and reliable services, but you get the point. Great, that makes sense. So how do you ensure the relationship is successful and yields the results you need?

The Theory of Relativity

The problem too many companies make with subject matter experts is paying them in full yet only using a small portion of their capabilities. It’s like buying electronics. You pay extra for all of these amazing features you never use. The device still works and you enjoy it, but imagine how much more you would love and be devoted to it if you discovered and used more of what it does.

When you outsource with the right partner, an expert in your area, they bring experience, intelligence, and skills. Leverage that by bringing your outsourced sales partner into the fold. Integrate them into your sales process and make them part of the team, rather than apart from the team. Doing this allows you to glean their expertise and knowledge and incorporate into your sales process. You’re opening opportunities for both new business and streamlined procedures. Plus, by taking the best of the best in the outside world and collapsing it under your umbrella, you elevate the quality of services your customers see and receive. Now you’re doing more than merely solving a problem, you’re creating an opportunity for innovation and growth by providing and extracting value, all from the same source.

The Whole Enchilada

Companies want to create big business. The path to that goal requires finding the best and the brightest to help you get there. Outsourcing to save is often a defensive posture. Outsourcing to gain is an offensive maneuver, an investment in your future. Ask yourself, is it better to save a dollar or intelligently invest one with the high probability of getting two or more back in return? The answer to that question seems less a coin flip and more an obvious conclusion.


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As global leader of N3’s Commercial Delivery organization, Tim focuses on driving revenue results and sales excellence for leading technology, software, and manufacturing companies. Tim has over 20 years of sales, marketing and strategy experience with high-growth companies. Connect on LinkedIn

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