Maximize Tech Sales Momentum With Specialized Sales Roles

tech selling specialization

As technology buyers wade through endless options and narrow their short list, they expect tech expertise and business acumen from potential partners at every step.

They come to the conversation prepared with a vast amount of research and cross-functional inputs. They aren’t inclined to wait for anyone in your organization to catch up.

According to a recent research report from Deloitte Digital, “Customers are shifting from being product and solution-focused to seeking value-laden experiences from start to finish.”

The research shows buyers are looking for personalization, speed, and outcomes. Every contact counts, and there’s no patience for incomplete, irrelevant information or delays in answering questions.

Review your strategy to ensure you have the right approach, the right architecture, and the right technology:

  1. Seamless buyer transitions
  2. A nimble framework that supports specialists working in sync
  3. 360-degree view of buyers across every touchpoint

The difference between not being there yet and leveraging a highly specialized sales machine is 20%+ ROI.

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Marcel Florez

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