Meeting Higher Revenue Expectations for Demand Generation (Part I of III)

Has your demand generation budget increased? Let’s hope so, because there’s a good chance your competitors’ budgets have. At N3, we’re seeing increases of 20-30% and more across industries and company sizes. Bigger investments have come with bigger revenue goals – and ROI expectations – based on tighter performance metrics. Bigger ideas are needed to achieve them.

Learn more about demand generation trends in this special three-part blog series:

  • MQL dominates KPI
  • Personalization meets trust
  • Micro and macro views work together

MQL Dominates KPI

Lead quality over quantity has evolved from an aspiration to a must-have. Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) tied to conversation rates are fast becoming the key performance indicator over KPIs related to lead volume or customer engagement alone. While measurement has moved from sales stage to end result, measuring up requires more careful attention to every step in the buyer’s journey.

It’s past time to implement a cross-channel strategy and prime time to take it further. Make sure you have a well-balanced marketing mix with both inbound and outbound tactics. Embrace intelligence-powered micro-campaigns that leverage highly targeted email, online advertising, social, content syndication, and Inside Sales / telesales tactics effectively. Organize campaigns by themes that are meaningful to your buyers.

Keep in mind that different tactics tend to be more effective at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Don’t expect to be able to find the sweet spot on your own. A new rigor is needed,  supported by new tools based in AI, predictive analysis, and machine learning.

Assess Your Current Strategy

Astounding performance is the new expectation, whether or not your demand generation budget has grown to help you get there. Rest assured, there is always something you can do to gain efficiencies that improve performance.

Start by taking the N3 Demand Generation Efficiency Assessment created by our leading experts. You’ll receive a demand generation efficiency scorecard, along with a personalized report and customized recommendations to help you improve it. We’re here to assist with answers and advice that help you advance. Simply contact us.

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