Meeting Higher Revenue Expectations for Demand Generation (Part II of III)

As demand generation budgets increase and revenue expectations rise across industries, new tools have become a necessity. AI, predictive analysis, and machine learning are finally going mainstream to improve lead quality, personalize buyer conversations, build trust, and align marketing and sales.

There are three top trends we’re seeing for optimizing demand generation. In part one of our 3-part blog, we discussed how MQLs are dominating KPIs. In this installment, we share insights into how personalization and trust are coming together to drive deeper buyer engagement.

Personalization Meets Trust

B2B marketers continue to adopt personalization at a dramatic pace, and its execution is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Think beyond merely adding a prospect’s name to an email. Every prospect touch should begin with the insights required to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time—every time. Prospects have no patience for irrelevance in their professional and personal lives.

According to Gartner, companies who invest in robust personalization can expect to gain double-digit revenue over those who don’t. Gartner also considers the progression from event-based marketing to real-time personalization the “unfinished business” of cross-channel strategy.

  • Event-based marketing is triggered by a change in a business, industry, or market. Examples include mergers and acquisitions, new corporate leadership, and hiring patterns.
  • Real-time personalization is a major refinement based on individual prospect behavior.

Personalization can also help you achieve GDPR compliance. The more relevant you are to your audience, the less risk there is of violating the GDPR policies. The key is to allow your marketing team to do the in-depth research required to drive a carefully crafted approach that is targeted to your audience and meets country-by-country requirements.

Assess Your Current Strategy

When it comes to personalization and trust, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Understanding where you are is critical to getting where you need to be. Take the N3 Demand Generation Efficiency Assessment created by our leading experts. You’ll receive a demand generation efficiency scorecard, a personalized report, and customized recommendations. Contact us with any questions as you go.


Gartner. The Long and Winding Road to Real-Time Marketing. November 2017.

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