Meeting Higher Revenue Expectations for Demand Generation (Part III of III)

As we’ve discussed in this three-part blog series, a micro view of customers is essential to chasing more aggressive revenue goals. Top trends are MQLs dominating KPI and personalization meeting trust.

In this final installment, we shift our focus from the micro view to the macro view afforded by account-based marketing (ABM). At N3, our clients are more frequently asking us about martech tools to support ABM.

ABM Aims Higher for Accounts as a Whole

Before you jump into a tool, you should first gain a better understanding of ABM as a tactic that works with all the other tactics in your demand generation strategy. At its core, ABM is a precise alignment of marketing, sales, and customer success functions to customer account pain points, needs, and goals. The tools you use to support ABM should support the strategy, not drive it. It’s important to define your strategy first, then determine what tools meet your needs.

A light entry into ABM is organizing your sales team around customer portfolios, with a dedicated Customer Success agent assigned to each account. The relationship should not stop at acquisition but continue indefinitely to drive consumption and retention.

A more sophisticated ABM strategy is tech-enabled and data-driven to scale, optimize, and amplify your efforts. Many of our N3 clients are achieving remarkable results. What we’re seeing is consistent with the findings of SiriusDecisions research that showed that by implementing ABM, 89% of respondents increased their win rate, and 25% of them increased it by more than 50%.

Assess Your Current Strategy

How aligned is your organization to your customer account goals? The sooner you know, the sooner you can advance in the right direction. Take the N3 Demand Generation Efficiency Assessment created by our leading experts. You’ll receive a demand generation efficiency scorecard, a personalized report, and customized recommendations. We’re here to help and happy to schedule an in-depth review. Simply Contact us.



SiriusDecisions. Five Key Priorities for the Account-Based Marketing Leader. February 2018.


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