Microsoft Insider Tips: How to Successfully Sell the Cloud

Microsoft’s recent quarterly earnings report shows just how amazing a job it’s doing selling its Cloud services. To help its valued partners and customers succeed at a similar level, Microsoft has just released a new free eBook about selling the broader Cloud vision.

Titled “Enterprise Cloud Strategy,” this helpful guide offers just what the title suggests: a strategy for sellers to tell an end-to-end cloud story that resonates with enterprise customers exploring the Cloud as an opportunity. In other words, what makes the Cloud so compelling to enterprise IT. Not all of this information will be new to you, but the overall insight provided by a recognized leader in the field is extremely valuable. For example, the authors discuss general chatter they are hearing from customers about why certain enterprises are resisting the Cloud.

This invaluable information can help you form a strategy that addresses current objections concerning common topics such as transitioning to the Cloud—getting started, planning, and how a Cloud transformation can affect a company as a whole.

A Unique eBook Focused on Cloud

What’s truly special about this eBook is that Microsoft chose not to solely focus it on Microsoft. Instead the focus is on the Cloud. Microsoft incorporates examples and advice where appropriate. The driving theme and narrative comes from the minds of Barry Briggs, an independent consultant with a long history in software and enterprise computing, and Eduardo Kassner, the director of Cloud solution architecture in the Worldwide Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft.

The points where Microsoft plays a pivotal role in the discussion are where the authors illustrate well-known Cloud benefits such as cost savings, scalability, and flexibility by sharing real-world global customer success stories. One insurance company for example, used mobile phones and the Cloud to create an innovative approach to dynamic insurance pricing. In another instance, beverage giant, Heineken, used the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to quickly distribute digital content (for a worldwide promotion based on the release of the James Bond movie Skyfall) to 10.5 million consumers.

On the Road to Find Out

In addition to benefits, the eBook devotes an entire chapter to the Cloud roadmap. One of the common objections customers have is not knowing where to begin. This chapter includes a useful summary of the different types of Clouds and “as-a-Service” capabilities available. The authors then tie this into infrastructure modernization. Modernization is at the core of the Cloud story and a leading conversation piece for you to use with your customers.

Framing the Cloud from a Deeper Perspective

Another chapter focuses on the ins and outs of Cloud applications from development through management. Many companies express the need to innovate faster and the urgency to get products to market in a timelier manner. The typical response you’re told to use is based on scalability and shorter time windows to get products to market. Here, the authors really dig down to focus on how building Cloud applications creates a level of experimentation that frees companies to fail fast, learn fast, and achieve faster, a mantra we here at N3 have always followed.

You Say Migrate, I Say Migrate, We All Say Migrate

The book’s largest section offers details about Cloud migration. While using the Cloud is easy, it’s not as if a company can just pack up everything on-premises and go. Acknowledging that with your customers enables you to face their fears head-on. The eBook walks through the process of establishing strategies and goals for Cloud migration, prioritizing applications for migration, and explaining how to extend IT governance to cover the Cloud.

The Cloud Doctor Says

No two Cloud providers ever tell the exact same story to customers. But in providing a broad outline, this Microsoft eBook offers prescriptive guidance to help you help customers take better advantage of the underlying Cloud framework, as well as rapidly expand features and functions. For those selling Cloud solutions, information such as this provides a nice general bible and a building block for forming impactful sales and marketing strategies. There are many different ways to tell a story, this eBook effectively shares one by an industry giant.


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