Partner Channel Disruption: Don’t Fall Behind These 3 Trends

The Partner Channel is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it will stay static. Far from it. You can expect the extreme disruption of the last few years to accelerate based on sizeable shifts in what Partners want from their channel. It pays to be ready for the new opportunities and areas for new business growth.

1. AI Is Taking a Firm Hold

Partners increasingly utilize AI to power their data analysis, helping them prioritize the best solution for target customers. This data allows Partners and their channel to be more focused in their outreach, leading to more relevant conversations and Sales opportunities.

2. Re-Sell Is Vanishing for Good

According to Forrester, 73% of today’s tech buyers prefer to make decisions and purchase online. Rather than simply re-selling solutions, a digitally enabled and flexible Partner/Channel mix is becoming a must to meet buyers where they are in the gig economy.

3. Partners Are Fine-Tuning Specialties

Traditional Partner programs with basic tiers will go the way of re-sell. Partners with an effective channel strategy will allow their customers to leverage and access the exact skillsets they need, not only based on industry, geography, and technical ability, but also by buyer types.

How well does the current state of your channel align with these trends? For deeper insights, check out our solution brief, What an Effective Partner Channel Should Look Like.


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