Scaling Customer Success to Drive Revenue Growth (Part I of III)

Forrester predicted 2018 would be the year that Customer Success would go “mainstream.” Gainsight predicted 2019 would be the year it would become mandatory. With these predictions coming true—right on time—what’s next?

The early days of experimenting with Customer Success are over. The ROI has been proven, and leading tech companies are now scaling for revenue growth.

Starting with this post, we’re kicking off a three-part blog series that covers the essentials for effectively scaling Customer Success. Stay tuned to learn about:

  • Scaling to reach buyers digitally at every touchpoint
  • Scaling best practices to channel Partners
  • Scaling from Customer Success to advocacy

Scale Demand Generation to Reach Buyers Digitally

Your digital demand generation platform and your Customer Success engine should be one and the same. Underlying technology should sync perfectly to align with the buyer’s journey, anticipate needs, serve up best-fit solutions, and expand opportunities for value with every interaction.

Gartner deemed 2018 a “tipping point” in digital transformation, with many business leaders considering it “do-or-die.” If Big Data insights, AI, and machine learning aren’t already informing your integrated marketing and sales motions, they should be.

As counterintuitive as it may seem (pre-2018), low touch and high automation are emerging as the best tools for turning today’s buyers into customers and then increasing customer lifetime value with CS motions that capitalize on traditional Customer Success practices.

Know Your Gaps—and Close Them

Closing your Customer Success gaps means closing more buyers, retaining more customers, increasing consumption, and growing revenue.

Take the N3 Customer Success assessment to identify and prioritize areas for improvement and get personalized recommendations from our Customer Success experts.


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