Scaling Customer Success to Drive Revenue Growth (Part II of III)

Customer Success has emerged as a growth engine as the Partner channel has solidified as a growth catalyst. How do you bring them together to maximize revenue?

In part one of our three-part blog series, we discussed the importance of digitally enabling buyers and customers to scale Customer Success. In this installment, we share ways to scale Customer Success to channel Partners.

Scale Customer Success to Channel Partners

Your Customer Success goals should be your Partners’ Customer Success goals. Choose Partners who can deliver measurable acquisition, retention, and expansion dollars, enable them with tools and support, and track their performance.

A recent study by the Technology Services Industry Association showed that technology providers that had formal Customer Success training or certification programs for their Partners achieved twice the revenue growth as those who didn’t.

High performers also had these practices in common:

  • Collaborative approach
  • Sufficient investment in Customer Success resources
  • Transparent consumption reporting
  • Clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations

Assess Your Current State

Take the N3 Customer Success assessment to identify your biggest barriers to scale and get expert recommendations for overcoming them.


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As Senior Vice President of N3’s Cloud Practice, Adam is focused on driving adoption and revenue acceleration of Cloud solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales with a focus on Cloud technologies, particularly how to increase revenue in a recurring sales model and driving drive consistent customer experiences. Connect on LinkedIn

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