Scaling Customer Success to Drive Revenue Growth (Part III of III)

At its most evolved, Customer Success becomes Customer Advocacy. As Gainsight points out, every customer comes with three new opportunities: retention, expansion, and referral.

In part one of our three-part blog, we discussed digitizing the buyer and customer journey to scale Customer Success. In part two, we covered aligning channel Partners for scale. In this final installment, we return to the customer to explore scaling their successes into advocacy.

Scale Customer Success to Customer Advocacy

Customer testimonials, case studies, and conference presentations are all examples of Customer Advocacy. Are you making the most of these vehicles? Complex B2B organizations are increasingly formalizing their Customer Advocacy activities into a deliberate practice, with measurable goals and performance tracking.

SiriusDecisions recommends building an advocacy practice on these four principles:

  1. Assets and interactions: Take an inventory of all existing advocacy outputs and organize them by industry, size, and solution.
  2. Structure: Understand who in your organization is involved in advocacy activities and determine whether more resources are needed. SiriusDecisions has observed that dedicated advocacy resources are most effective.
  3. Sourcing: Identify the best internal resources for bringing in Customer Advocacy assets and interactions. This can span marketing, sales, and technical support. Explore offering incentives for advocacy wins.
  4. Communications + Infrastructure: Make your organizations aware of your Customer Advocacy program and provide regular progress reporting. Look for ways to make it easy for employees to contribute and explore enabling technologies. According to SiriusDecisions, many companies are integrating Customer Advocacy programs into sales, marketing, and content management systems.

Would Your Customers Advocate for Your Organization?

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