Selling Cloud Computing to Small + Midsize Businesses

Our last blog post explored best practices for selling cloud solutions to Net New customers. Today, we’re delving into another subsection of prospects – small and midsize businesses. This is our latest piece in a series of content outlining ways to optimize Cloud sales strategy to drive long-term revenue growth.

An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses are making the switch to the Cloud. The benefits are clear: business agility, reduced expenses, and flexibility. Most SMBs are responding positively to this technology transformation – a recent study by Emergent Research and Intuit revealed that by 2020, 78% of small businesses will be “fully adapted” to Cloud computing.

Despite rising popularity, encouraging SMBs to embrace the Cloud continues to be an uphill battle. However, with the right approach to address challenges, Sales teams can use the underlying desire to move toward Cloud computing to their advantage.

Challenges in Selling to SMBs:

  • Resource Constraints: SMBs have limited amounts of people and funds, which creates an initial barrier to entry.
  • Fear of Wasted Time: SMBs are working with a smaller group of people – if the value to the business isn’t immediately obvious, they’ll be hesitant to move forward.
  • Confusion: There is innate confusion when it comes to the Cloud – about security, where data resides, and generally what the Cloud is. Sales teams should take an educational approach to their conversations.
  • Security: Counteract security concerns by coming to the conversation with materials that demonstrate how your Cloud solutions are safeguard data and meet compliance standards.
  • Current IT Infrastructure: Many SMBs already have an IT server and can’t envision the growth that the Cloud will bring.

There isn’t one method of migration to the Cloud and each business will deal with different circumstances, so it’s important to be educated around the prospect’s industry prior to beginning a conversation.

The Right Message to Sell to SMBs:

  • Do Research: Conduct background research to develop a value statement that evolves into a rapport with the prospect.
  • Emphasize Short-Term Business Impact: Throughout conversations, highlight the short-term business results and ROI.
  • Be Industry Specific: Speak the buyer’s language and be specific when communicating value and challenges that pertain to their industry.
  • Make Change Management a Focus: Consider suggesting a slower approach to adoption to ensure the strategy is fully engrained before moving workloads across.
  • Be Aspirational: To get the prospect excited about new possibilities, work with them to build an image of what is achievable.

The key to success when selling Cloud technology to SMBs is addressing the individuality of the market and of each buyer, while using the power of the Cloud to help prospects re-imagine what is possible within their business.

For more on selling Cloud solutions to small and midsize businesses, view the full eBook here. Stay tuned for the next iteration in the series on how to adopt a Full Cycle Sales approach.

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