Strengthen Your Sales Strategy with These 5 Virtual Sales Fundamentals

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In our Virtual Sales Video Series, N3 has been sharing tips for engaging buyers and developing relationships virtually to help your company stand out amid industry consolidation and downward pricing pressure.

The videos highlight actionable insights and best practices that you can take away to directly impact your team’s sales productivity. These tips include:

Create a Daily Sales Plan

According to a HubSpot research report, salespeople only spend one-third of their day talking to prospects. Setting a daily plan for tactical sales activity increases focus for virtual sellers and positions them for success. Taking just 10 minutes to align tasks increases productivity and achieves better sales outcomes.

Harness the Power of Teams

Studies show that salespeople rely on their peers and managers almost equally to improve their performance. A daily virtual standup gives team members the opportunity they need to learn from each other. It also helps sales leaders understand lessons learned and course correct quickly around performance blockers.

Adopt a Strategic Touch Cadence

How many calls do your sellers have to make to connect with a buyer? How many of their sales emails go unopened? The average is 18 calls and 76% of emails. Establishing a strategic touch cadence is the best way to improve engagement.

Establish an Execution Rhythm

Even though most companies say they have a sales strategy, only 35% stick to it. Going with the flow simply doesn’t work in a virtual selling environment. It’s critical to organize, execute, and debrief your sales activities each day, building toward your own unique execution rhythm.

Create Agility

Three out of every four successful companies translate their strategy into operational terms and evaluate it every day. Debriefing is the best mechanism for comparing what you planned yesterday with what you did today, creating agility at every level.

Take the Next Step to Virtual Sales Success

Learn about N3’s virtual sales development program. We can help your team be more effective and efficient, driving better outcomes and transforming your sales team into a virtual selling machine.


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Jake Duffy

As VP of Global Sales Strategy + Transformation, Jake helps N3 clients innovate their sales strategies and processes to drive revenue in a virtual environment. Jake’s extensive experience helps accelerate sales team transformation and meaningful strategic and tactical performance. Connect on LinkedIn