Tech Buyer’s Point of View: Are You Listening to Me?

As the leader of N3’s global marketing, I partner with enterprise and mid-market technology clients around the world to understand their businesses and inform go-to-market strategies that will be successful with buyers. At the same time, I’m a buyer of many of our clients’ solutions. This dual perspective as a seller and a buyer gives me unique insights into what sellers are trying to achieve and how buyers feel about the customer experience.

One of my top recommendations to sellers is to re-evaluate whether they’re really listening to buyers. It’s disappointing to spend time with a vendor sharing my business problems and organizational goals only for them to come back with a generic platform pitch that doesn’t align to my business needs. The vendor may ask me all the right questions upfront, but what they come back with doesn’t apply my answers. In talking with my marketing colleagues, the same pain point tends to emerge.

Anamika Gupta, Director and Head of Account Based Marketing and Deal Based Marketing for Fujitsu America, Inc., said, “I can tell when sellers have gone through ‘modern customer success training,’ but they don’t understand the actual meaning behind it. They ask me in detail about my challenges, what I’m looking for, and what I expect. I spend a lot of time answering these questions, but the seller comes back with the same products, features, and price points as before I answered their questions. They tell me the same story. They aren’t listening. It’s a waste of my time to keep covering the same things.”

Jessica Garrett, Vice President of Marketing for KORE Wireless, said, “A lot of times, sellers only understand one use case. I need them to understand what I want to accomplish with the tool, even if my use case is a little different from their ‘script.’ I may need more automatic data integrations, for example, than they currently offer, so I don’t have to perform a middle step manually.”

So how do you get the conversation right? Take a holistic view of each buyer’s specific business plan and your place within it. Think about how you can help your buyer’s organization—and your buyer—further their overall goals, not just the ones that specially apply to your tech solution. Show you care about what the organization needs to accomplish, what it expects from your buyer, and how you can add value.

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Wendy Gaskill

As Vice President, Global Marketing, Wendy is responsible for driving revenue for N3 through account-based marketing and digital demand generation strategies. She is focused on engagement throughout the buyer and customer journey and ensuring alignment with Sales. Connect on LinkedIn