Tech Buyer’s Point of View: What Makes Me Love You

A crucial aspect of my role as the leader of N3’s global marketing is buying the right technology from the right partners. The partners I choose actually care about my goals as a business decisionmaker and help me achieve them versus just showing me their systems.   

My partners understand that I don’t want 90-day onboarding. I want an ongoing relationship. And that’s how my partners are going to get my renewal and expansion dollars, as well as my referrals to colleagues.  

A true partner will go above and beyond to layer in knowledge over time and connect me to people who can better answer questions as my needs evolve. My marketing colleagues make the same distinctions between vendors and partners.  

Anamika Gupta, Director and Head of Account Based Marketing and Deal Based Marketing for Fujitsu America, Inc., said, “You know right away if a seller considers you a long-term strategy client or just a sale. Only sellers who act like partners are going to get recurring revenue from me. And if they do a great job and give me what I need for my business, absolutely I will refer them to my colleagues who can benefit.”    

Jessica Garrett, Vice President of Marketing for KORE Wireless, said, “One of my best experiences with a partner ended up with them building custom integration features for me. They listened to my unique business use case and took actionThe CTO even got on the phone with me and put my needs on the roadmap. I will buy from them every single time I can.”  

That doesn’t mean that tech buyers expect every implementation to be highly customized or industry disrupting. But we do expect more than short-term service hotlines and technical help sites. We’re looking for support and guidance to help drive our overall business goals. True partners demonstrate this from the beginning by including business strategists on the team who can speak the same language and show how technical features translate to solve business needs. For example, if your buyer is doubling down on ABM, ensure you have ABM specialists on your team who can help guide overall ABM strategy. You’ll find the improvements in customer experience—and positive word of mouth—well worth it. 

The impact of one good customer experience can’t be overestimated. My colleagues and I are asked for referrals continuously. We tend to be candid about the good and the bad, and great experiences can end up as case studies at SiriusDecisions.  

Are You a Partner or a Vendor?

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Wendy Gaskill

As Vice President, Global Marketing, Wendy is responsible for driving revenue for N3 through account-based marketing and digital demand generation strategies. She is focused on engagement throughout the buyer and customer journey and ensuring alignment with Sales. Connect on LinkedIn