Time to Adapt Your Sales Strategy to Sell Virtually

As more sales interactions happen virtually, the way sellers interact and build relationships with customers has fundamentally changed. With traditional tactics no longer in play, your sales team must adapt their skills to get noticed in the digital environment.

To put it simply: virtual selling skills are a must-have for every salesperson in your organization. Here’s how to tackle three of the biggest challenges that sellers experience in the absence of traditional face-to-face sales interactions.

Challenge 1: Prospects and Customers Want to Connect on Any Channel

Capturing the attention of your target audience has never been easy. But with the multitude of touch points presented by the digital world, sellers need to leverage a omnichannel approach to meet prospects and customers where they are and keep them engaged.

With the right tools and technology, even seasoned field sellers can refine their approach to excel at virtual relationship building. The key is to transform their existing skillset into one that translates through screens and over the phone.

Challenge 2: Prospects and Customer Have Access to More Information than Ever

The digital world has put more information into the hands of your customers and prospects – both about you and your competitors. If your sellers aren’t equipped to quickly respond to virtual interactions, you’ll likely miss a valuable opportunity.

Salespeople must learn how modernize their approach to ensure they can demonstrate your differentiators, both in person and virtually. By working with an outsourced sales firm that understands these challenges, you can enable your salespeople to respond effectively to changing customer demands.

Challenge 3: Your Sales Team Has to Keep Hitting Quota in the Virtual World – Ready or Not

As your sales team is learning how to connect with customers virtually and working to differentiate your offering, you still need them to achieve your sales targets. Even though many aspects of sales have changed, the requirement to hit quota has remained the same.

If you’re ready to begin the transition to virtual selling, N3 is here to help. By augmenting your field sellers’ capabilities, our virtual sales development empowers your team to become more effective and efficient. We can help you transition to an omnichannel selling approach and drive better outcomes.

Get a taste of our virtual selling expertise. Learn how N3 can help you make the transition into virtual selling.


About the Author

Jake Duffy

As VP of Global Sales Strategy + Transformation, Jake helps N3 clients innovate their sales strategies and processes to drive revenue in a virtual environment. Jake’s extensive experience helps accelerate sales team transformation and meaningful strategic and tactical performance. Connect on LinkedIn