Transform Customer Experience with AI to Drive Revenue (Part I of II)

According to SiriusDecisionsthere are typically two blind spots in the revenue engine that artificial intelligence (AI) is particularly powerful in overcoming. The first is knowing your buyer. The second is knowing what works.   

Today’s buyers expect highly relevant experiences as they weigh solutions and make purchase decisions online. They want you to anticipate what they need and stay a step ahead in solving their business problems.

From Better Customer Data to Better Customer Experience—Automatically

You can’t deliver an ideal customer experience if you don’t have all the data you need to understand the customer’s history, needsand businessYou also can’t deliver if you have the data but can’t access it easily or apply it quickly across the customer journey.

Most organizations are still struggling with outdated manual processes for data collection, analysis, and distribution. Those who are evolving the customer experience with AI are earning a competitive advantage.  

AI automatically gathers, interprets, and applies the data necessary to improve customer experience and drive greater revenue. It sits on top of existing systems, without disrupting them, to accomplish everything legacy tools can’t:

  • Capture all buyer interactions across platforms in a centralized, integrated dashboard 
  • Incorporate real-time, relevant customer research and industry insights 
  • Reflect continuous Voice of the Customer business intelligence  
  • Supply the next best customer action and product recommendations 

Get a Practical Example

Watch N3’s case study to see how we helped Cisco use AI in its revenue engine to drive each customer to the next best action in real time for revenue growth.


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