Transform Customer Experience with AI to Drive Revenue (Part II of II)

Forrester has praised artificial intelligence (AI) for its ability to help B2B organizations better understand customer preferencescraft more engaging customer experiences, and frame more persuasive conversations.

In part one of our two-part blog series, we shared how AI automatically gathers, interprets, and applies all the data necessary to improve the customer experience and drive greater revenue. In this installment, we discuss how AI aligns sales and marketing in the process.

More Sales + Marketing + Customer Success Synergy = Less Waste

Fundamentally, to win and retain customers, your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams need to be asking the same questions:  

  • What’s the best way to help this customer? 
  • How do we give this customer the best experience? 
  • What is this customer’s next best action? 

AI provides clear answers to these questions through a shared Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success dashboard. Robust decision support propels one intuitive, intelligent conversation between your brand and the customer across every interaction—from tele-sales to digital marketing to social media activity.

According to Ilona Hansen, a senior director analyst at Gartner, “If deployed correctly, AI can automate almost half of administrative sales work, point sales reps to the most lucrative deals and foster a better relationship with existing clients. It’s a perfect addition to any B2B sales organization.”

Cisco Success Story

See how Cisco leverages N3’s AI Brain in its revenue engine to optimize customer experience, harmonize Sales and Marketing, and increase revenue long termWatch the case study video.


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