Transforming for Sales Excellence While Building New Pipeline

According to IDC, the global IT industry will reach $5 trillion this year – driving enterprise sales plans faster and further. With the major shifts in technology and an increasing pace of business, every enterprise is challenged by creating a real-time coordination between sales, marketing, product, customers, and internal systems to drive revenue.

Many businesses struggle to get a full picture of their prospects and customers. Often key data is housed in siloed or antiquated systems that struggle to keep up with demands of sales objectives and quotas. Add to this the susceptibility to plateau or become restricted in the company’s ability to quickly change tactics or scale to respond to new market opportunities—leaving untapped opportunities on the table, neglected.

How does a modern enterprise jumpstart its sales process, take advantage of new opportunities at the pace of business change, and accelerate its response to existing opportunities and customer demands? Let me share some advice on how to bring together technology, technique, and expertise to accomplish your revenue promise.

Key Guidelines to Accelerating Revenue

1. Decentralize Your Organization

When teams are aligned and working together you eliminate delays in both marketing and selling processes. Create a multi-channel, data-driven approach to customer engagement to identify the right targets and the conversation threads important to them. Use conversational marketing and customized, high impact campaigns to quickly penetrate accounts and drive them to a highly qualified stage. The result is significant lift in pipeline and improved close rates for faster, greater revenue results.

2. Build a Global Demand Center to Accelerate Sales

If you rely on local teams to create sales and marketing campaigns, you end up with inconsistent results and messaging. A Global Demand Center aligns your efforts globally but gives regions the flexibility to adjust for in-country languages, regulations and business practices. Create the right network of sales reps to master the correct conversation flow and response pattern for each country. Engage highly trained, expert sales and technical teams to answer the toughest questions from any IT customer. The result is an effective sales reach across geographies in record time using an approach that accelerates both expansion and Day One execution at the highest performing levels.

3. Expand Your Partner Ecosystem – Thoughtfully

Partner relationships can drive significant revenue and allow you to increase your market reach. But not all partners are created equal. It’s critical to take a methodical and thoughtful approach to how you work with them. One aim should be to deliver warm opportunities, not cold lists or leads, to partners and engage with them throughout their sales process. Create a streamlined approach to the opportunity handoff, sharing deep prospect insights gained through initial conversations. Empower partners to discover and address adjacent opportunities that were not necessarily part of the solution mix. The result? Overachieve partner revenue goals in accelerated timeframes and accomplish this without adding stress or requiring additional resources from your own sales teams.

Tip: Turn to Outsourced Sales + Marketing

As you read the guidelines above, you may have thought, “How can I do this without retooling my teams?” Through the smart application of assistance from an outsourced organization that provides a complete, integrated sales + marketing solution. Look for organizations that span everything from whitespace opportunity acquisition to expert end-to-end funnel management and lead progression, to partner enablement, transparency, and closure.

Creating a New Sales Future

Expanding your sales reach through proven outsourced expertise solves many of the challenges you face in-house. N3’s modern, outsourced approach to integrated sales + marketing can give you the boost you need to transform your sales into the nimble, responsive sales organization you need to meet your sales goals.

Ready for a brighter sales future and bottom line?

Learn more about N3’s solutions for sales excellence, B2B demand gen, and sales acceleration and expansion.


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