What Do High-Performing Partner Channels Have in Common?

According to SiriusDecisions, the No. 1 channel priority for CMOs is enablement. But what makes enablement effective

SiriusDecisions recently shared what channel leaders are doing differently to drive greater Partner revenue. 

1. Support Partners’ Digital Transformation 

Complex B2B technology buyers now prefer to explore solutions, compare options, and make decisions online. While your company may be advancing in digital transformation, your Partners may be lagging behind.  

Assess your Partners’ digital sales and marketing capabilities and provide hands-on support where needed. The results can be extraordinary. One Hewlett Packard Enterprises Program of the Year winner saw 70% growth in Partner channel revenue from effective digital enablement.     

2. Provide Partner-Specific Enablement + Engagement 

SiriusDecisions found that 62% of high performers in channel marketing have ongoing Partner enablement in place for multiple Partner personas. As you craft your Partner enablement strategy, identify each of your primary Partner types based on shared characteristics. 

Account for varying capabilities and needs throughout the Partner lifecycle and have a concrete plan for addressing them. Your strategy should include:  

  • Skills assessment 
  • Competency development 
  • Performance criteria  

3. Right-Size Your Investment for Maximum Return 

Are you investing enough in your Partner channel? SiriusDecisions reports that high performers allot 17% of their total marketing budgets to the channel and contribute 23% more in market development funds. Re-evaluate your current investment in terms of both business priorities and ROI.  

For additional insights into how to fully enable your Partner channel, take a look at our N3 Solution Brief, Growing Capability: What an Effective Partner Channel Should Look Like. 


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