What to Expect at N3

Win. Inspire. Learn. Lead.

N3's management team knows how to recognize strengths and help you use them to be successful.

N3 BDR, Cloud Solutions

N3 succeeds when our individual team members succeed. We attract professionals who are interested in growth, learning, and transforming sales through meaningful conversations with customers of leading brands like Microsoft, SAP, and Grainger.

Our rigorous training process ensures you step into the role prepared and knowledgeable, having shadowed experienced colleagues working in similar roles.

Our team members have a unique variety of working styles and needs. We encourage a healthy work/life balance, to ensure the best possible outcome in your personal and your professional lives.

Joining N3 means entering an energetic, fast-paced work environment where consistent effort, curiosity, and problem-solving are rewarded.

Here's What to Expect

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There’s nothing more important to N3 than finding, training, and deploying the right people. Learn from N3’s Head of Talent, Phil Sanford, what traits make N3, and our employees, successful in serving the world’s leading companies.

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