138% Revenue Goal Attainment

Customer Objective

  • Accelerate South region pipeline growth and revenue production for Kimberly-Clark Professional’s hygiene, safety and productivity products by reinforcing brand value with direct consumers
  • Increase Field Sales engagement with and conversion to revenue of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • Improve distribution channel sales by delivering higher quality leads to partners
  • Drive revenue from dormant accounts

Partnership Execution

  • Quickly ramped a sales team armed with deep knowledge of Kimberly Clark Professional’s products and sales process
  • Conducted in-depth tele-campaign validating key direct customer data points and educating end-customer on business value of products
  • Generated qualified leads and scheduled appointments for Kimberly Clark Professional’s Field Sales representatives
  • Aligned N3 Sales team with Field Sales team to drive program participation and collaboration
  • Developed consistent lead hand-off process and drove alignment with the Field Sales team to ensure opportunities were efficiently and effectively transitioned
  • Provided voice-of-the-customer insights to inform future sales and marketing strategies


Partnership Results


of Pilot Goal Achieved for Sales Accepted Leads Exceeded Pilot Pipeline Value and Actual Delivered Revenue Goals


Program Extension and Expansion to All North America