138% Revenue Goal Attainment

Customer Objective

  • Accelerate South region pipeline growth and revenue production for Kimberly-Clark Professional’s hygiene, safety and productivity products by reinforcing brand value with direct consumers
  • Increase Field Sales engagement with and conversion to revenue of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • Improve distribution channel sales by delivering higher quality opportunities to partners
  • Drive revenue from dormant accounts

Partnership Execution

  • Quickly ramped a sales team armed with deep knowledge of Kimberly Clark Professional’s products and sales process
  • Conducted in-depth tele-campaign validating key direct customer data points and educating end-customer on business value of products
  • Generated qualified opportunities and scheduled appointments for Kimberly Clark Professional’s Field Sales representatives
  • Aligned N3 Sales team with Field Sales team to drive program participation and collaboration
  • Developed consistent opportunity hand-off process and drove alignment with the Field Sales team to ensure opportunities were efficiently and effectively transitioned
  • Provided voice-of-the-customer insights to inform future sales and marketing strategies


Partnership Results


of Pilot Goal Achieved for Sales Accepted Opportunities


Program Extension and Expansion to All North America