Customer Obsessed: How AI Transformed Customer Experience + Drove Revenue

Customer Objective

  • Maximize customer experience as a competitive differentiator and revenue driver
  • Accelerate marketing-led growth through innovative GTM motions for digital demand generation
  • Architect lifecycle customer experiences that drive business value and revenue
  • Anchor Customer Success motions in centralized, comprehensive, integrated data from all platforms, including digital and tele-sales
  • Strategically align Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success through data
  • Develop, empower, and inspire sales agents to deliver optimal customer experiences based on data

Partnership Execution

  • Standardized Cisco customer Inside Sales processes and training globally
  • Overlaid N3’s proprietary AI and machine learning platforms onto Cisco’s existing tech stack to combine disparate data, without re-configuring the existing CRM or tech stack
  • Developed platform to surface use cases and next best actions automatically for sales agents
  • Provided sales agents with real-time customer research and relevant industry insights
  • Prompted sales agents with product and bundle recommendations automatically
  • Delivered continuous, robust Voice of the Customer business intelligence to Cisco through a unified campaign performance dashboard across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

Check out our Cisco Video Case Study to learn more 

“Delivering a great customer experience really does matter. Customers are coming back every day because we’re delivering. We have a great partnership with N3 that made this happen.”