Leading Business Intelligence Company Reimagines Its Channel Go-to-Market Strategy, powered by N3

A Leading Business Intelligence Company delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics, and reporting to approximately 45,000 customers worldwide.

As a fast-growing technology company, they came to a crossroads where they had to either scale their sales capabilities quickly or risk missing opportunities to drive new business.

After analyzing their sales and marketing approach, they realized they needed a new, partner-based go-to-market strategy but lacked the capabilities to transform their existing partner channel into a partner-managed market segment.


Partners enrolled in accelerate program in < 6 weeks


SLA adherence for Qualified Opportunity follow up


of total addressable market covered by partners

90% of our customer base is now covered exclusively by partners. N3’s strategy for a partner-managed channel drove more cost savings, while better covering the market and hitting our growth target.


Reinventing the Opportunity Engagement + Qualification + Partner Model

A Leading Business Intelligence Company looked to N3 to assess and optimize its opportunity engagement and qualification model from the top of the funnel down. The goal was dramatic improvement in how the company enriched, segmented, scored, and routed opportunities through partners for scalability and continued growth.

Accelerating Opportunities Through the Channel

N3 has successfully delivered best-in-class channel recruit and enablement services to global technology companies for more than 15 years. N3 applied its proven mix of technologies, people, and processes to deliver global Channel results to this Leading Business Intelligence Company through a highly competitive investment model. The program had four key pillars.

  1. Partner Recruit Motion: N3 reviewed the company’s profiling criteria for existing partners in North America, APAC, and EMEA and identified qualified net-new partners to recruit into the partner ecosystem.
  2. GTM Advisory Desk: N3 created an onboarding process for the company’s partners which provides them with “white glove” GTM strategy and services throughout the business planning and contract phases. Partners are supported globally with in-country, native-speaking sales specialists.
  3. Partner Demand Generation: N3 designed a Channel Enablement framework for the company’s partners and built an effective demand generation engine that supported the entire buyer’s journey. Tactics included automated marketing, highly targeted messaging, and Inside Sales support.
  4. Partner Readiness Assessment: N3 created a Managed Service Provider Audit Check to validate that new Partners are fully enabled and ready to start transacting.


Driving Partner + Revenue Results

The Leading Business Intelligence Company’s new GTM drove results within less than six months, with more than 60% of partners enrolled in the company’s Accelerate Program in less than six weeks and 80-90% SLA adherence for qualified opportunity follow up. The GTM is currently on a trajectory to achieve a four-point improvement in conversion. The total realignment achieved better scalability, reach, and competitive advantage rapidly. The company’s sales touches were reduced from three to zero, and channel partners now cover more than 90% of the total addressable market.

That’s how N3 helped a Leading Business Intelligence Company successfully transform its go-to-market in record time.