Multinational Technology Company Elevates Go-to-Market Partner Programs, powered by N3

A Multinational Technology Company has always been a partner-centric organization. In fact, IDC Research estimates that 92% of the company’s revenue is driven through its Partner Channel. To drive utilization and consumption of their Partner ecosystem, the organization needed a strategic sales and marketing execution firm who believed in enabling partners with go-to-market (GTM) services and solutions to drive synergy. They chose N3.

N3 has been our chosen agency for the our GTM Demand Center for the past 4 years providing co-marketing and co-sell services to our Partners worldwide. N3 has been instrumental in the implementation and execution of our GTM strategy.


With vast experience selling Cloud solutions, N3 not only understood how to generate demand but also the changing dynamics of the partner ecosystem.


Average qualified pipeline delivered per partner


GTM programs executed globally


Partner satisfaction (PSAT)

End-to-End Partner Development

To ensure tangible revenue growth for the Multinational Technology Company, N3 designed, developed, and deployed a world-class Go-To-Market Demand Center. The GTM provided readiness, enablement, and demand generation services to Cloud-focused Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who build their co-dependent solutions on the organization’s Cloud platforms.

Through the program, N3 supported the company’s ISV Partners with facilitated sales and marketing execution services that included:

  • Profiling Partners to assess their capabilities and maximize Partner engagement
  • Guiding Partners to the right sales and marketing tactics to drive revenue for their offerings
  • Building buyer personas and identifying the buyer’s journey for Partners to ensure their messaging delivers value for their prospects
  • Providing the Partners with access to expert sales and marketing teams to help them drive real revenue results.

N3 helped us develop our strategy for future Channel Development in the US. N3’s demand generation and management team… helped us increase our pipeline and better develop a strategy and sales efforts moving forward.


Sales + Marketing Execution Specialists

Centered on driving demand for the Multinational Technology Company’s ISV Partners worldwide, the GTM Demand Center was designed to scale, giving end-to-end support to gain awareness, convert new customers, and accelerate revenue.

Worldwide, N3’s team of expert sales and marketing professionals engaged partners globally in 14+ languages. Thousands of GTM programs were executed from four strategic locations, including the US, UK, Ireland, and Singapore, to provide global coverage.

To ensure the facilitated sales and marketing programs aligned with the needs of the company and its ISV Partners, a wide array of valuable tools and services were offered, including:

  • Target list development
  • Nurture campaigns
  • Inside Sales motions
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Readiness workshops
  • Datasheets
  • Webcasts
  • Social media promotions
  • Co-branded data sheets
  • Customer success stories
  • Press releases
  • Case studies

N3’s best-in-class delivery team helps us continually mature our partner GTM enablement services and approach.


Driving Partner Growth +  Revenue Results

More than 2,000 ISV Partners successfully leveraged N3’s GTM Demand Center services and rated N3 an average of 4.3 out of 5 in partner satisfaction. 

By measuring results, N3, the client, and the Partners could determine the effectiveness of each program and refine it to increase conversion rates.

Through the GTM Demand Center, N3 drove global consumption and utilization for both the Multinational Technology Company and the ISV solutions, and expanded brand loyalty among Partners.

That’s how N3 drove alignment and revenue for a Multinational Technology Company’s Partner programs. Contact Us to learn how N3 can power your revenue growth.

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