Industry Leader in IT, Network & Cybersecurity Innovates Sales + Marketing to Drive Great Customer Experiences + Revenue, powered by N3

Delivering a great customer experience really does matter. Customers are coming back every day because we’re delivering. We have a great partnership with N3 that made this happen.


In today’s technology-driven environment, customers pay more for a better experience, and businesses that provide it outgrow those that don’t. As the leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity, our client wanted to ensure customer obsession drove everything they do—ensuring long-term relationships with their customers.

Over the past few years, the organization worked to integrate all of its customer interactions—from digital marketing to tele-sales to social media listening—into a unified view of the customer.

But to truly drive great customer experiences, the organization needed a partner that could help sales agents not only understand where the customer had been, but also where they should go next. This industry leader in IT, Network & Cybersecurity chose N3 for our expertise in complex technology sales and proprietary AI and machine learning platforms.

Enabling Great Customer Experience + Great Agent Experience

This industry Leader in IT, Network & Cybersecurity realized that to be truly customer-centric, they needed the right talent. They sought to balance customer obsession with passion for their people. They knew marketing and sales had to be aligned, and sales agents had to be inspired and empowered.

Everyone needed to be asking the same questions:

  • What’s the best way to help our customer?
  • How do we deliver a great customer experience?
  • What is the next best action for the customer?

We spent years consolidating our data, but it was the AI capabilities of N3 that made it actionable for sales agents to drive each customer toward the next best action in real time for revenue growth.


Aligning Sales + Marketing Through Data

To provide clear answers to these questions, this industry leader in IT, Network & Cybersecurity partnered with N3 to standardize the company’s Inside Sales training globally. The organization’s existing tech stack was overlaid with N3’s proprietary AI and machine learning platforms to create a consolidated view of the customer—without reconfiguring the existing CRM or tech stack.


This industry leader in IT, Network & Cybersecurity now has an AI + data-driven Customer Success and revenue engine that:

  • Surfaces use cases and next best actions automatically for sales agents
  • Provides sales agents with real-time customer research and relevant industry insights
  • Prompts sales agents with product and bundle recommendations automatically
  • Delivers continuous, robust Voice of the Customer business intelligence to the organization through a unified campaign performance dashboard across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

The robust decision support enables an intuitive and intelligent conversation with customers at every point in their journey. By creating an excellent customer experience—and sales agent experience—the organization is experiencing extraordinary growth in interactions and revenue, particularly with their key accounts.

That’s how N3 helped an Industry Leader in IT, Network & Cybersecurity leverage AI and Machine learning for revenue-driving Customer Success. Contact Us to learn how N3 can power your revenue growth.