Accelerate Your Global Revenue Expansion with Proven Platform Strategies

Geo-Specific, Integrated Sales Strategies to Navigate Global Market Expansion

As your business enters new global markets, you encounter issues from cultural norms to regulatory requirements to local hiring and staffing policies. Addressing those areas while maintaining continuity of your Inside Sales strategy and operational processes can be challenging.

N3’s experience-based guidance helps your company navigate geo-specific dynamics in advance, so each new market you enter is as successful as the last. This ensures your integrated global sales strategies reflect a common approach.

N3’s efforts allowed us to increase our speed to market and start structuring calls and meetings to initiate new partners within specific geographical territories.


With 10+ years’ experience in Global Sales Platform Integration, N3’s delivers strategic insights and market expertise to ensure sales and operational success.

We evaluate and recommend efficient organizational and technology designs specific to your company’s operating model and the new markets you are entering. In addition, N3 can identify potential partnerships or integration opportunities that are unique to emerging markets.

Translate Technology Advantages to Address Geo-Specific Markets

Market differences require companies to form market-specific strategies and deployment models.

Your sales strategy may be world-class – but is the technology strategy needed to support your sales execution ready for the real world? With data management laws and contact and consent regulations that differ country to country, designing the optimal technology strategy to support your global business requires planning and experience.

N3 Global Sales Platform consulting services help you identify and integrate sales technology solutions into a single, global platform to support your ever-expanding business. Our technology services include:

  • Global Demand Center
  • CRM integration
  • Sales automation and acceleration

Design Sales Team Models + Measurements to Match Market Realities

Global expansion of your sales efforts is not simply repeating the same sales process in new markets. Many markets require a different communication and cadence strategy for how business is conducted.

Those geo-centric aspects impact how your Inside Sales organization is structured, from role definitions to hiring criteria to performance measurement, and more.

N3’s Global Sales Platform consulting services apply our 10+ years of global sales experience, and N3’s own global expansion, to help your company create the right Inside Sales blueprint for success as your business continues to grow globally. Our services include:

  • Sales organization design
  • Sales team role definition
  • Sales performance modeling and measurement

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