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Marketing Automation Strategies that Drive Results

In today’s digital world, automating marketing is essential to driving qualified pipeline and converting buyer interest into revenue. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) help you scale your marketing efforts, provide detailed reporting on campaign performance, and drive alignment between your sales and marketing teams. They also help drive customer satisfaction and provide automated customer support.

B2B marketers who implement marketing automation software increase their sales pipeline contribution by an average of 10%.

While those benefits are significant, many Mid-Market companies find the task of identifying and adopting a platform intimidating.

N3’s expert Marketing Automation consulting services provide you with a foundation for successful MAP implementation and a roadmap for revenue-driving execution.

With N3’s objective, pragmatic approach, we help you identify optimal marketing strategies, guide technology selection and integration planning, and evaluate and recommend the organizational resources needed to support initiatives.

To ensure your MAP program supports your critical marketing strategies, we provide guidance on how to:

  • Identify personas for target audiences
  • Ideate on your buyers’ journey
  • Define appropriate messaging sequence
  • Determine the right cadence
  • Identity nurturing streams

Proven Success in Demand Center Excellence

N3’s insights are drawn from 10+ years’ experience designing, developing, and managing complex global Marketing Automation and Digital Demand Center initiatives with market-leading technology, software and manufacturing companies.

In fact, we successfully designed and supported a Multinational Technology Company’s best-in-class Global Demand Center for their leading Cloud platform, and was later expanded to include all of the company’s Cloud and Enterprise solutions.

N3 understood our goals and provided a unique approach to meeting them. Not only did they drive new customers and increase Cloud product consumption, but they also helped move our prospects more quickly to closed revenue.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Multinational Technology Company

Expert Insights to Align Marketing to Your Buyer’s Journey

The purchasing process is a journey taken by your buyer as they develop an awareness of a business issue, seek solutions to their pain points, and identify products that meet their need. A well-designed MAP strategy helps you guide buyer’s through this journey, providing different paths depending on their stage in the sales cycle or role in the buying process.

N3 provides expert guidance to help you ensure your MAP program supports all your buyers through their various journeys.

Technology Experience to Help You Identify + Implement the Right MAP

How do you select the right Marketing Automation technology for your objectives? N3 has experience working across MAP technologies, including Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, IBM Marketing Cloud, and more.

We can advise you on the optimal technology strategy, given the scope and breadth of your audience, to ensure your solution is flexible and maximizes effectiveness and efficiency. Our recommendations are based on how effectively the MAP technology aligns to your needs and integrates with your CRM, workflows, and applications.

To ensure you move forward with the right operational strategy, N3 analyzes and defines the organizational resources you need to manage MAP programs and technology on an ongoing basis. We help you identify:

  • Appropriate roles to support MAP
  • Team certification requirements
  • Best practices and measurements for campaign strategy

Through N3’s research-based strategies, you can move forward and deploy a best-in-class Marketing Automation program with confidence.

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